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Value of Rig Matting in the Oil Industry

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The oil industry runs our world. We use oil to power cars, cook food, and create plastic; it is a vital commodity. Oil rigging has a reputation of being not only damaging to the environment but also being a dangerous business to work in. Rig matting can help to change this. 

What is rig matting?

“Rig mat” refers to all access mat designs used for oil rigging. You may have also heard rig mats referred to as access mats, timber mats, construction mats, mud mats, oil field mats, rubber mats, crane mats, heavy equipment mats, or portable roadways. Access mats, when used in oil rigging, provide a physical barrier between oil equipment and the earth below it. Whether they are made from wood, plastic, or a combination of the two, rig mats create an effective barrier to protect the ground on sensitive terrains.

Benefits of rig matting

There are many environmental, financial, and safety benefits of rig matting when used in the oil industry. Safety is of the utmost concern on an oil rig site, and rig mats provide a safe and clean working environment for workers. It also leads to savings regarding worker’s compensation claims. You will not only reduce slip and fall incidents with rig mats but also provide a cleaner working environment.

Rig mats can support even the heaviest of oil rigs and allow the opportunity to set up and tear down your rig quickly with minimal impact to your worksite. 

Environmentally, rig mats create a barrier for whatever is below your worksite. They help to minimize your environmental footprint by decreasing ground disturbance and preventing soil or weed contamination. It also means that they create minimal surface disruption. Whether below your worksite is water or earth, rig mats help to avoid small spills and damage to the soil below. Employing mats can also reducing remediation costs by not damaging your environment in the first place.

Generally, rig mats reduce the amount you need to spend on clean up, keep your workers safer, the environment cleaner, and create an all-around safer workspace.

How to know if you should use rig matting?

There are a few specific qualifications that will help you to decide if rig matting is right for you and your worksite. If you want to ensure a robust structural roadway that can help you to access gas lines or oil source, rig mats can help with that. Rig mats will provide a solid as well as safe surface to reach your worksite, without the risk of uneven roadways and muddy areas. 

Completing a project in the industry is dangerous without the use of mats, and there is never a point where you want to worry that your oil rig site is unstable. Using rig mats will stabilize and support oil rigs to give you peace of mind and establish a safe rigging site.  

If you still have questions regarding rig matting for the oil industry, contact Diamond T Services, a rig matting expert.

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