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Keeping your eco-friendly business secure

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If you have an eco-friendly business with a focus on saving the planet, then it can be tricky to match those values with the need to protect your business and keep it secure from unwanted intruders or other would-be criminals. But in today’s modern world, there are ways to match security requirements with green credentials.

Installing a CCTV system, with cameras monitoring the inside of your business and the exterior of the premises, is a sure fire way to help keep your business secure and deter thieves and would-be criminals from attempting to access the premises. But how do you make sure the system is green, as well as secure?

1. Use a security firm which has green credentials

Make sure any firm you are using to supply items such as CCTV systems or alarms for your business, is compliant with The Restriction of the Use of Certain Hazardous Substances in Electrical and Electronic Equipment (RoHS) act. This law aims to reduce the impact on the environment of electric and electronic equipment. Make sure the company you choose is using recycled materials within their manufacturing process and has a minimal packaging policy. That way, you can be assured that you are working alongside an environmentally responsible security firm.

2. Make sure the monitors for your CCTV equipment are green

When having CCTV installed if the company will be monitoring the cameras remotely, make sure they use LED or plasma screens to monitor the cameras as these are more energy efficient than old monitors. Avoid the large tube-based monitors if you can as having these on 24/7 will not be an efficient use of power and will create a significant footprint.

3. Reduce paper wastage

If the CCTV system comes with training or user manual, ask for it to be supplied on a memory stick, CD or emailed over to you, rather than a printed brochure version. That way you can save on the amount of paper being produced as a result of installing the CCTV system.

4. Make sure the installation includes environmentally friendly products

Make sure all of the equipment being installed in your business will not only help to keep the business premises secure but that it also meets all of the required environmental guidelines for electrical equipment. Make sure there are options to have the stuff adequately recycled if you ever need to replace any items or parts of the system in the future.

5. Check that your supplier offers a recycling scheme

Find out what would happen if your CCTV system stopped working or needed an upgrade – does your supplier work within the electronic waste recycling regulations and would they offer you a recycle scheme option?

6. Consider the energy use of the CCTV system

Look into the energy use which your CCTV system will need with cameras and monitors on round the clock, it could potentially have a huge impact. Make sure your PCs are as up to date as possible and if you can have the alarm linked to one specific machine it will help reduce the energy cost to the environment.

While all of these aspects will help an eco-friendly firm retain their principles while installing security systems into their business premises, they apply to all business across the board as reducing the carbon footprint, while maintaining security, are priorities for any modern-day company.

Other elements to think about to keep your eco-friendly business secure, include alarms which can be silent and linked directly to the emergency services or make a loud noise to deter intruders. You could also have the deterrent effect without the impact, by using a fake alarm fitted to the front of the building.

Roller shutters on the business doors and windows can also help to keep a business secure, and they come in a variety of materials and designs now to fit in with all types of business. Gone are the days of ugly steel shutters stuck on the front of buildings. Modern day roller shutters can’t be seen during the day, when they are open, and come in all types of design and style to suit any building.

So if you are looking for ways to secure your eco-friendly business, while retaining its green credentials, there are plenty of ways to match the two, without compromising on security for the premises. Just check out your CCTV supplier’s credentials and materials before making the commitment to have the system installed, so that you know you are making the right decision on both sides.

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