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How Tech is Helping Parcel Delivery Go Green

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Processes are being streamlined and made easier, thanks to the ever-changing tech landscape. With innovations such as dedicated apps and mobile devices, Bluetooth connectivity and voice search, businesses are able to access new technology and embrace the fluidity it brings.

Along with creating smoother processes, advancements in tech can help to make industries environmentally friendly. One sector, in particular, that are becoming more tech-savvy, and increasingly eco-conscious as a result is package delivery and logistics. Courier services are smarter and more efficient than ever before. Here’s a look at the technology that’s making a difference to how green parcel delivery is.

Green Transport

Courier services have been making the transition to electric vehicles for a while now, but in recent years this has ramped up as we make a move away from petrol and diesel power. Delivery companies that are switching over to electric are able to get parcels to where they need to be using zero and low-emission vehicles, therefore promoting sustainable solutions for an industry that predominantly relies on vans to get the job done.

Track Your Parcel

By using technology to track your parcel, it’s possible to reduce the carbon footprint. This is because you can chart the package’s journey and locate its final drop-off point without having to arrange an alternative delivery, therefore reducing the emissions from the courier’s vehicle.

Similarly, if you’re using parcel tracking, you can easily see the depot where the package has been delivered to. Therefore, it’s possible to go directly to the pick-up point rather than having to drive to different locations before finding the right place, and this again reduces emissions.

Knowing exactly where your parcel is has become easier as a result of GPS tracking. While this tech isn’t new, it is now incorporating voice search. Amazon is pioneering this service, with the introduction of Amazon Echo tracking last year, so it’s possible to ask for an update on where your parcel is while on-the-go.

Digital Lockers

Another way to cut down on emissions is to organize to have your parcel delivered to a digital mailbox. These electronic lockers are already popping up around towns and cities and are often located in convenient spots so that you can do your weekly shop while collecting your parcel – therefore saving on making two trips in the car. You need a password to open these smart boxes, so your parcel is safe and secure until you’re ready to access it.

Delivery Drones

We could potentially cut out the use of delivery vans altogether if drones take off. We’re inching closer toward seeing our goods flying through the skies, as Amazon leads the charge with its Prime Air quadcopter delivery service.

Recent tests in the UK saw the quadcopter deliver items in under 13 minutes, making the process astonishingly quick. The tech sees robots attach your order to the drone in the warehouse, message you when your parcel is on the doorstep and scan your face to confirm you’re the right recipient.

This could be fast, cost-effective, and potentially planet-saving technology if it becomes a success.

As parcel delivery continues to adopt changing technologies, there are many ways that this industry is becoming more eco-conscious while aiming to get packages to where they need to be as smoothly as possible.

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