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How CRM and ERPs Can Be Used in the Oil Industry

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No industry is exempt from the impacts of digital transformation. Even companies that rely heavily on physical infrastructure and engineering are finding that they must integrate software solutions that keep them productive and competitive in the digital age. Oil companies are a prime example of the type of complex operations that require the support of sophisticated software solutions. Their operations demand such a high degree of resource coordination across large workforces under strict cost constraints. As a result, few – if any – key players in the oil and gas industry can survive without an effective Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software platform. MCA Connect, a Microsoft Dynamics ERP solution provider, has carved out a niche in identifying and deploying software solutions for these critical industries.

Integrating Software to Support Critical Operations

Few people perceive oil and gas as a software-driven industry. However, the fact of the matter is that heavy industries require technological solutions for the diversity of upstream operations required to get critical energy resources from their underground repositories to the people who need them. As such, there is no shortage of ERP applications that support financial operations, human resource management, equipment and inventory maintenance, and supply chain management for oil and gas companies.

ERP software supports the wide array of activities involved in managing the integrated operations that keep business operations running smoothly. As such, ERP platforms have become an increasingly critical component of the financial and operational activities in complex industries. It is particularly true with respect to oil and gas companies, which operate under practical and market-based constraints few other industries are forced to deal with.

ERP Solutions for Oil and Gas Activities

Oil companies operate under conditions that fluctuate constantly. Regulatory requirements change with political whims, and rates go up and down with market conditions. These circumstances necessitate detailed tracking of costs to ensure that demand-side changes do not cripple oil companies. In this respect, responsiveness is key.

A robust ERP solution can help oil companies control costs while also helping to ensure regulatory compliance. Oil and gas companies can also stand to benefit from the improved asset and process management support provided by a complete ERP solution. Using a software platform capable of integrating and processing data collected in real-time provides the agility and fluidity, these organizations need to optimize their operations.

By automating the integration of business processes, ERP solutions for oil and gas activities reduce the time and resource demand necessary to respond to changing conditions. It helps oil companies save time, money, and resources while also assisting decision-makers in understanding ways they can enhance performance, quality, and profitability. However, building, deploying, and maintaining an ERP platform appropriate for oil and gas operations can be easier said than done.

Deploying ERP Solutions for Oil Companies

The effective deployment of ERP software improves the quality of business planning and decision making. It streamlines coordination between the many business processes involved in the exploration, extraction, transportation, and refining of fossil fuels. However, MCA Connect knows better than anyone how implementation failures can derail even the most effective software solution.

Deploying an effective ERP solution in an industry as complex as oil and gas requires excellent care in both the selection of the appropriate software and the vendor that supplies it. It begins with the selection of a proper product and vendor. Microsoft Dynamics is among the most agile and diverse software solutions that oil companies can turn to for supporting critical operations. Dynamics 365 is built to support even the most complex and sophisticated operations, providing the vendor, human resources, equipment, and facility management tools that energy companies need to stay at the top of their highly competitive industry. MCA Connect has built its business on helping complex industries leverage the agility of this powerful platform to improve efficiency and functionality across critical activities.

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