Estonian Solar Barrel Technology to Sunny Cuba.

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Estonian solar energy technology to sunny Cuba.

SolarBarrel sends its revolutionary photovoltaic kits to Cuba, aiming to give its contribution to increasing the local production of energy from sustainable sources and to help the island’s development in these hard times of environmental and climate challenges, that we and our beloved planet are facing.

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A fast-growing energy start-up company, based in Tallinn (Estonia), patented cutting-edge technology, super compact, plug&play solar hybrid system to produce and store electricity. With a simple and eye-catching minimal design, every Barrel kit can operate on or off the electrical grid and can be fully customized. It can generate energy, store it, or be used as a UPS or backup solution in case of emergency or blackouts. Every module comes with a 3600 VA mono phase inverter, UN 3480 Class 9 lithium batteries, and up to 4000 W flexible solar panels. The packaging is plastic free and it can easily be shipped to remote places. Barrel is truly unique and worth learning more at

The first 12 complete modules installed in Cuba will help small structures like shops, first-aid centers, or local farms to produce the energy they need to operate in a smart, clean and renewable way.

Barrel aims to support the everyday stronger world’s need for sustainable energy, especially in developing countries and less fortunate areas of the globe, with a visionary approach and many new projects soon to be started this year in Europe and Africa. The barrel was awarded in 2020 as the best Battery Energy Storage System by PV Magazine, the leading specialized newspaper in the sector.

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