Cryogenic Freezers: Their Benefits and Buying Guide

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Cryogenic freezers hold value due to their versatility, as they have multiple uses in biology, chemistry, medicine, food engineering, and medical research. A cryogenic freezer benefits the health sector, enabling scientists to preserve important biological specimens at low temperatures for scientific research and inventions. Cryogenic freezers are also used to preserve food products. 

As a result, cryogenic freezers are deemed necessary in the health and food industry, but since they are too expensive and require special maintenance, not everyone can afford them. However, several companies like Excedr offer complete guidance and easy leasing procedures to help you out in this regard.

Advantages of Using Cryogenic Freezers

The benefits of cryogenic freezers are mostly related to the medical field:

  • Cryogenic freezers are crucial to preserving medical samples required for surgeries at shallow temperatures, usually between -150C and 0C. Medical surgeries such as bone marrow transplant, tumor removal, and artificial insemination methods are benefited most from using this machinery.
  • Cryogenic freezers can cool down finished food products at shallow temperatures. As a result, the food stays fresh for longer without bacterial inhibition.
  • Cryogenic freezers are suitable for providing refrigeration solutions for clinical applications that demand freezing at shallow temperatures.
  • They provide uniform freezing temperatures to preserve biological materials without disturbing their molecular structure.
  • Cryogenic freezers can be used to provide renewable energy storage and low-carbon refrigeration.

 Easy Leasing Procedure By Excedr

The price of cryogenic freezers depends on several factors such as their size, capacity, application, and usage. Typically, cryogenic freezers are very expensive, and most companies and laboratories prefer leasing them. Excedr provides a quick and straightforward way of leasing cryogenic freezers for laboratory or other use.

  • Operating Lease

This financing structure offers you three options at the end of your leasing agreement. The Lessee can either buy the machinery from the lessor, renew the agreement, or end the agreement and return the machinery.

  • Sale-Leaseback

If you have recently bought the equipment, this financing structure takes the financial stress off your shoulders by converting it into a long-term rental. Buyers are only eligible for this type of leasing within 90 days of purchasing the cryogenic freezers.

Excedr makes it uncomplicated for its buyers by offering cash for the purchased machinery and then turning it into manageable installments. Additionally, Excedr offers you:

  • Speedy services and approvals
  • The choice to buy refurbished freezers
  • Options based on your budget
  • Leasing procedures that do not affect your overall credit score

What to Consider When Buying or Leasing Cryogenic Freezers

Cryogenic freezers are expensive, so you’d like to spend your money wisely. Here’s a list of essential factors you must consider while buying or leasing cryogenic freezers:

  • The size that can easily fit in your space
  • The capacity of storing the samples
  • Temperature specifications and range
  • Available models and their ease of use


Medical research and many other fields acknowledge the importance of using cryogenic freezers. Whether preserving human tissues, cell samples, biological specimens, or food products for modern inventions, they play a pivotal role in a healthier tomorrow. Buying cryogenic freezers might be too expensive for laboratories or new startups, and leasing them from excellent and trustworthy resources such as Excedr is recommended.

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