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The best electric cars to buy in 2021

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Now electric cars on the roads are no longer something unusual. The popularity of such vehicles is explained by the fact that they are considered safer for cities, reduce noise levels, and their repair is cheaper. At the same time, you need to take a responsible approach to buy electric cars and know which ones deserve your attention. 

Choosing an electric car can be a difficult task. Now you can find a wide selection of such vehicles that will meet your requirements and preferences. You can choose the model you want and get acquainted with the approximate prices. In this article, we will talk about several models that are popular with motorists. This will help you not to make a mistake with a serious choice and make a successful purchase.

2021 Mini Electric Hardtop is proof that not all-electric cars are too expensive. You will be surprised how comfortable you will feel when turning and other maneuvers. Of course, such a vehicle is not designed for racing, but it can still accelerate to a good speed. The front seats are very comfortable, but the rear seats are not suitable for tall passengers for long trips. Another disadvantage is the relatively small range of strokes. 

At the same time, there are many advantages – convenient operation, stylish interior, impressive fuel economy. You may consider buying this car if you do not need to travel long distances often.

Nissan Leaf 2021 compares favorably with the previous model with its capacity. Five people can sit comfortably during the trip. You will like the rapid acceleration – you will easily start moving after stopping at a traffic light. In addition, the car has a convenient information and entertainment system, with which your trips will be more fun.

Among the disadvantages, a small trunk should be mentioned. You will not be able to put large travel bags and other oversized things there. The interior material looks cheap and many drivers talk about its low quality. But the seats themselves are very comfortable for both the driver and passengers.

If you can’t decide which features are the most important for you in electric cars, take a detailed look at the current offers at online auctions. Such auctions offer a huge number of such vehicles, you will be able to choose something that will suit your lifestyle, mood, and budget.

2021 Hyundai Ioniq has received well-deserved recognition due to its low base cost and a trunk that is excellent for transporting goods. This car is suitable for drivers who care about the environment and want to reduce the number of carbon emissions.

Unfortunately, this vehicle does not stand out for a good ride on uneven surfaces and has too much braking distance. At the same time, you will hardly be able to find another car that would surpass this model in terms of fuel economy.

2021 Chevrolet Bolt usually picks up speed quickly and has good maneuverability. When compared with other electric vehicles, it is also suitable for driving on different road surfaces. There is also the possibility of fast charging, which is still an innovative feature. This model can be noticeable for the family budget, but the cost is justified by the spacious interior and impressive maneuverability.

Unfortunately, there are also disadvantages, among which the most serious are low-security indicators.

Is it worth buying an electric car now? Yes, if you are sure of its good condition. The price range of electric vehicles is quite wide, but a potential buyer should not overpay for a low-quality model or a car with hidden damage. Feel free to check the vehicle’s history and read a detailed report on its history to minimize any risks associated with the purchase of a low-quality electric vehicle on EpicVIN. So you can buy a car that does not harm the environment and at the same time performs all the necessary functions.

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