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Renewable Energy

What is the cheapest renewable energy?

The writing’s been on the wall for some time now – due to declining costs for generating renewable energy, the rising threat of climate change, and advancements in renewable energy technology, it’s clear that fossil fuels are on their way out. But while it might only be a matter of time before carbon-based fuels are replaced… Keep Reading

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Top UK Renewable Energy Suppliers

We all know it; the time to transition to renewable energy is now. There is no avoiding the fact that we are heading towards a cliff if we don’t start living more sustainably. Many new businesses know and work on the issues of energy sustainability and climate change since the 1990s. To break free from… Keep Reading

alternative energy wind solar panels
Renewable Energy

Rusty Tweed Discusses The Value of Solar Power

According to the International Renewable Energy Agency, about a third of the energy being generated worldwide is through renewables. IRENA also states that 84 percent of the new renewable energy facilities that are coming online worldwide are either solar or wind installations or a combination thereof.  Rusty Tweed, an entrepreneur from San Marino, California, sees the… Keep Reading

alternative energy wind solar panels

A Solar Mandate? We’re Closer Than You Think

As States Mandate Solar In New Construction, What’s Next? As costs fall and interest in green energy rises, cities across the United States are beginning to make solar power mandatory, at least for new construction. As of January 2017, all new San Francisco constructions under 10 stories must have solar panels, while New York State… Keep Reading

Climate change facts

Climate Change Facts Revealed

What is Climate Change? “Climate Change” is a general term used when referring to a wide range of effects brought about by human activities such as burning fossil fuels, deforestation, and “heat island effects” resulting from buildings and pavement in the major human settlements. Here is some of the facts you can learn all about… Keep Reading

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