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Nobel Week Dialogue
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Nobel dialogue in Gothenburg on 9 December

For the second time a dialogue has been organized during the Nobel Prize week, and this time it was in Gothenburg. The idea of the event is that one should take advantage of the unique opportunity that some Nobel Prize winners, other leading researchers, leaders of industry and politicians are gathered in Sweden for the… Keep Reading


The Need for a New, Biophysical-Based Paradigm in Economics for the Second Half of the Oil Age

Publication date: 2006-11-24 First published in: International Journal of Transdisciplinary Research Authors: C.A.S. Hall & K. Klitgaard Abstract: The realization that the conceptual base for much of conventional economics is quite flimsy is no longer news to either those who follow events within the field or too many interested outsiders in the natural sciences. For… Keep Reading

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