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Future Oil Supply

Samuel Olayinka

Samuel Olayinka’s Insights on Sustainable Production Operations

Fossil fuels have been a reliable energy source for many years. Recently, the oil and gas production industry has taken measures to develop procedures that deliver high efficiency and mitigate negative impacts on the environment. With over 23 years of professional experience in the industry, Samuel Olayinka gives his perspective on the sector’s shift toward sustainability and… Keep Reading

heritage oil grid
Non-Renewable Energy

Offshore production and investments

Björn Lindahl has published an article on activities and investment on the world’s seas. (20120108 in Swedish in the edition of Svenska Dagbladet Industry [the business section of one of Sweden’s major broadsheet newspapers].) He states that 59,000 freight ships ply the world’s oceans and that the world’s shipping turns over $183 billion per year.… Keep Reading

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