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Energy Security


Cantarell Is Not Mexico’s Only Oil Production Problem

Publication date: 2008-08-01 First Published In: Pipeline & Gas Journal Authors: Jude Clemente Abstract: 1.5 million barrels per day (bpd), oil from Mexico comprises about 11% of U.S. imports. As a top-three supplier to the U.S., Mexico has been a consistent and reliable source of oil for years. In the first half of this decade,… Keep Reading


An assessment of oil supply and its implications for future prices

Publication date: 1998-06-01 First Published in: Natural Resources Research Authors: D.J. Santini Abstract: This paper examines three issues related to both the U.S. and world oil supply: (1) the nature of the long-term, post-peak production profile for the U.S. and, by inference, other regions (the Hubbert curve is used as a “strawman” model); (2) implications… Keep Reading

Peak Oil

Warning over global oil decline

There is a “significant risk” that global production of conventional oil could “peak” and decline by 2020, a report has warned. The UK Energy Research Council study says there is a consensus that the era of cheap oil is at an end, but it warns that most governments, including the UK’s, exhibit little concern about… Keep Reading

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