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Not Every Alternative Energy Company Is Legitimate

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Are You Getting “Greenwashed” By Deceptive Marketing? You’d think a company that makes the effort to be eco-friendly would have integrity. However, that’s not always the case. Eco-friendly companies are not immune to being founded on a lack of morality that gets them sued. Before installing a new sustainable energy system, or even supporting your…

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7 Sustainable Purchases For Your Business

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Maybe you already run an eco-friendly business in some ways, but you’d like to step up your game. When it comes to taking your business green, there’s always another step you can take. Many products and services allow you to transform different sections of your business from normal to green. Often, going green will even…

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An analysis of World Energy Outlook 2012 as preparation for an interview with Science

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On 12 November the IEA’s World Energy Outlook report for 2012 (WEO-2012) was presented by the chief economist of that organization, Dr. Fatih Birol. When he did, so there was one idea that the journalists in the audience latched on to – that by 2020 the USA would become the world’s largest oil producer. The…

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Alternative World Energy Outlook (AWEO) and the role of hydrogen in a changing energy landscape

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Publication date: 2008-07-01 First published in: International Journal of Hydrogen Energy Authors: M. Zerta et al Abstract: The global energy situation is about to change at an accelerating pace and society is largely unprepared. Common energy analyses, such as the International Energy Agency’s “World Energy Outlook,” do not take into account foreseeable supply mismatches from…

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