Water-Powered Can Clock

Behold, The Water-Powered Clock

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The Water-Powered Clock

There are a lot of interesting things that people are doing to get off of batteries as we know them. One of the most important things about consumer electronics is that they often run off of batteries that are abysmal for the environment. They contain loads of chemicals and inert elements that can wreak havoc on natural systems if they are not disposed of properly. The sad thing is that batteries rarely ever are disposed of properly. New technologies are becoming popular to help nudge out the old guard of battery power.

One of the coolest things I’ve seen in a while is this water powered clock.

water-powered clock

This thing is designed with the shift away from batteries in mind, and it accomplishes this in a sleek and attractive design that is sure to win over any fan of genuine innovation. The way it works is honestly a complete mystery to me since I’m a horrible chemist. However, the way it is described clues you in a little to the way it works. It pulls electrons from the chemical bond of whatever liquid is used in the clock. You don’t have to use water, but its probably the best thing to use that won’t cause a lot of corrosion.

It’s great that there are so many exciting things coming out that are allowing us to lessen our dependence on dirty energy sources. What is most interesting about this is that it builds off of a technology that we could find large-scale applications for if we were to devote the time and resources to its development.

Water Powered Can Clock

Here is another fun, eco-friendly gadget that runs off of water. You’ll never have to worry about buying batteries again if you keep this Water Powered Can Clock on your desk. Just remember to keep it filled, and the clock will continue to tick. The little system takes advantage of state of the art water technology to power a the high contrast display (LCD) clock. Through the use of positive and negative electrodes (the same basic principles behind the lemon or potato powered clock), the Water Powered Can Clock patented technology creates an electrochemical reaction within the water.

Water-Powered Can Clock

This reaction produces electricity which is directed into the LCD clock display, and the screen comes to life. If you look closely, you can see the electrodes as they protrude into the water. You will also notice that the clock is, in fact, the same dimensions as an ordinary soda can, making is compact and convenient. The water powered can clock also comes in four different colors so you can choose which one you like the most. Due to excavation, you will likely only need to refill the can take once every 6 to 12 months. That is pretty low maintenance.

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