How to Make Your Cannabis Business More Eco-Friendly

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Many businesses across several industries are starting to look at ways to be eco-friendly in their business models and daily practices. By doing so, they might experience many benefits, such as customer appreciation and a smaller carbon footprint. However, knowing how to get started on your journey to eco-friendliness is not always easy. If you need a helping hand, you might see the value in making some of the following changes. 

Take Notice of Stock Levels to Prevent Waste

It’s not always easy to know how much stock to order to satisfy your customer needs, at least not initially, while building up a regular client base. However, if you notice that you’re asking questions like “is dry weed bad”, and “how do you know when weed is old”, then you might be ordering too much, and it’s going to waste. 

There can be a lot of energy used in producing cannabis and CBD products for sale, so by only buying as much as you need, you might be able to limit your role in energy and product waste

Learn More About Your Manufacturers

The changes you make in-store might make a world of difference to your business image and the environment, but there’s no harm in making sure the companies you purchase your products from are also doing their part. 

Find out about their water conservation efforts, such as aeroponics over the more water-intensive hydroponics. You might even want to learn more about the energy-efficient lighting they use, like LEDs, and whether they practice regenerative farming. 

The more you know, the easier you might find it to adjust your practices and pass on information to your customers, who might also be trying to make lifestyle changes to help the planet. 

Think About Daily Operations

You might be surprised at how many tasks you perform each day could be much more eco-friendly than they currently are. For example, rather than printing invoices and receipts, you could be emailing them to customers if they require them. 

If you use single-use coffee and water cups, you might like to consider replacing these with reusable options. Every small change might make more of a difference than you think. 

Consider Packaging

Using eco-friendly cannabis and CBD product packaging is not always an option due to FDA requirements and best storage practices for particular products. Packaging must manage many conditions and environments, such as light, humidity, and temperatures, which might impact composition and strength. 

Generally, dark-colored glass jars and bottles with child-proof caps are recommended for tinctures, and plastic jars, pouches, and cans are also frequently used. If you know you can’t use the most eco-friendly product packaging, start looking at recycling options to limit single-use packaging waste. 

Focus On Transportation

About 29% of all greenhouse gas emissions in the United States come from transportation. Motor vehicles are also the leading cause of air pollution. While you might not think that any change you make will have an impact, you can at least reduce your contribution to the problem. 

Consider using electric vehicles to deliver goods to your local customers and wait until you have large orders with your suppliers to decrease your need for transport services. 

Many customers are beginning to notice and appreciate eco-friendly businesses. If you’re trying to help the environment and improve your business image, consider making some of the practical changes above.

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