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How Might Small Businesses Champion Renewable Energy?

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Renewable energy has become a common practice within businesses due to falling costs and improved technology making this environmentally friendly solution more affordable for everyone. The news highlights multinational companies as those most commonly concerned with the environment, but, it’s possible for small enterprises in the UK to achieve 100% renewable energy too.

Generating clean energy, which is derived from the earth’s natural resources, is gaining popularity with 29.3% of total electricity generated by renewable energy sources in 2017. The use of renewables has trebled since 2010 and will continue to increase. The Guardian even named the UK climate as ideal for renewable energy due to its “maritime climate with wind, sun and waves” – a leader in offshore wind.

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is a trending topic that has become a priority for businesses — the use of renewable energy is a sensible, cost-effective solution for small enterprises to make a difference. Employing energy efficient methods such as solar roofing is a logical way for businesses on a budget to be more socially responsible and reduce their operational costs.

Scaling Down Corporate Social Responsibility

It can be a balancing act for small businesses to achieve CSR without breaking the bank. While larger companies are able to make significant donations to help their local communities, businesses on a smaller scale must find a relative way to show they are doing their part.

Perhaps SMEs need to find a way to promote CSR without donating physical money as Forbes suggests in their recent article on the matter. They advise the use of business events and volunteer programmes as non-monetary ways for firms to creatively share stories and raise awareness for local causes. With dedicated impact investors who put money into good initiatives, the majority of small businesses who want to play a role in society have many options to achieve this. Small business campaigner Michelle Ovens passionately notes that over a third of small businesses in the UK are not driven by profit and that smaller enterprises, in her words, are quietly doing great work. Small businesses should consider a long-term strategic approach towards renewable energy generation to continue this trend.

Recognizing Renewable Energy Benefits

Committing to renewable energy sources is a way to support a global cause and can actually repay you for your environmental efforts. The current Feed in Tariff (FiT) system is a way to receive money from the energy you generate through methods such as solar panels or wind turbines. You can also sell excess energy back to your electricity supplier, which is called an “Export Tariff” for an additional source of income.

Almost any business can benefit from the available tariffs, which are an eco-friendly way to cut costs consciously. Often large commercial buildings generate more energy than they need, and with the help of solar battery storage will conserve this energy for when you really need it.

As a permanent structure in your business, solar paneled roofs are a worthwhile investment. These stand as a visual reminder to your community that your culture understands the benefits of renewable energy and its effect on the environment.

Connecting to the Current Climate

In light of the recent proposed plastic tax uproar in the UK, the environment seems to be a timely focus for CSR activities — renewable energy is a perfect solution. In general, there has been an increase in conversation about climate change as people are much more vocal about the real effects of global warming.

The current climate is increasingly important to millennials, which should be a key motivator for businesses to take on green initiatives publicly. Recent studies have shown that new generations are disappointed with what they believe to be the result of human activity and expect companies to address the topic of climate change actively. As the majority of the workforce, millennials will also choose employers based on whether they think the brand is socially engaged and transparent about their actions. Small businesses are advised to connect to the current climate in some way to attract and retain both new customers and employees.

National roofing providers who specialize in commercial projects can help your business go green with the installation of high-quality solar PV systems. Introducing solar paneling to your business is the first step towards energy independence, but is also a really smart move towards the type of CSR scheme people are invested in.

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