5 Ways to Maintain your Bathroom for Energy Efficiency in 2017

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Sustainable home design requires a lot of attention to details. Not just the general construction, but also the interior design is crucial to reduce energy consumption and the utility bills. The bathroom is no exception.

The bathroom is where we spend some private, “me-time” every day. These days, many of us even carry our smart devices into this space, checking emails, connecting on social media and even listening to music. What this ultimately means is that the average amount of time spent in the bathroom has risen from 10-15 minutes to nearly an hour each day. For this reason, homeowners have shifted their attention more to the bathroom when it comes to home renovation.

According to market research published by National Kitchen & Bath Association Market Research (NKBA) in 2015, people spend more than $66 billion on 17 major product categories for their bathroom space. While spending on making the interiors as inviting as possible, it is even more important to pay attention to the plumbing and regular plumbing inspection. In the case of clogging of the pipes, do not overuse chemical-based drain cleaning products. It can eat away and corrode metal piping and cause many kinds of repair issues. The best course of action is to look for experienced and qualified plumbers, a 24 hour plumber service.

5 Trends to Spruce up Your Bathroom

If you are fed up with dated, aging bathroom but cannot afford to take on a major bathroom makeover, here are a few changes that you can undertake to give this space a whole new vibe.

  1. Floating Vanities: Exuding a contemporary design by hovering above the ground, floating vanities are increasingly popular and will remain in high demand in 2017, say experts. It adds to the space in the bathroom and provides better ground view and an airy feel.
  2. Freestanding Tubs: Earlier, bathrooms used to be equipped with built-in bathtubs, but with the availability of freestanding tubs, which are sculptural works of art, things are going to change. Freestanding tubs made of versatile materials are a great option when you’re escaping to a bath mainly to relax, without the need of any prior cleaning. When you see the bathtub constantly holding standing water, which in most cases is due to hair clogging, call for emergency plumbing services before using any harsh chemicals.
  3. Radiant Floor Heating: Energy efficient radiant floor heating is gaining popularity as a comfort feature in cold countries, and they are used to keep bathrooms warm, without making any noise. It can easily be installed beneath the bathroom tiles. It then sends warmth upwards, and the user will never have to step onto a cold floor ever again after bathing.
  4. Towel Warmers: In humid and cold weathers, towels don’t dry properly and give a sticky feel when dabbing the body. Towel warmers are meant to keep your towels dry in such climatic conditions. Moreover, the heated towel rail, other than warming up the towels, supplies heat to the bathroom, warning the air inside.
  5. Brushed Brass/Gold Faucets: In faucets, brushed brass and gold colors are gaining popularity and will remain in demand in 2017. Replacing your old nickel faucets with these newer ones will add a feel of luxury to your bathroom.

In the cold climate, the bursting of frozen pipes is a common scenario. That is why emergency plumbing services suggest that residents to keep the faucets dripping since moving water do not freeze as quickly. Contact 24-hour plumbing services immediately if you suspect any freezing in the pipes.

Jeff is a contractor specializing in residential construction and construction management in Chicago, Illinois for over 20 years. He deals exclusively in new construction and remodeling for residential projects and can act as designer, builder, and general contractor as well as preliminary estimates, cost vs. benefit analysis.

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