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The Benefits Of Solar Power

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Solar energy is available in abundance, sustainable and it’s renewable. Each year, the cost of using solar to create electricity goes down. This is why more and more Americans are turning to solar. With that said, there are many benefits of making the switch to solar.


Going solar means potentially lowering monthly utility bills. How much you can save depends on several factors. A few of these factors include:

  • The size of the solar energy system
  • The size and angle of the roof
  • Electricity consumption
  • Whether the system is leased or purchased outright
  • The local electricity rates

Anyone who wants to make a low-risk investment that can result in saving money on utility bills should consider getting a solar electric system.

Increase Value Of Your Home 

Solar panels are considered upgrades, similar to a finished basement or renovated kitchen. Buying a solar energy system may increase the overall value of your home. Several studies show homeowners pay a premium for a home equipped with a solar system.

One study revealed that a solar system increased a home’s value by around $15K. There are lots of factors that determine how much your home will increase in value due to having a solar system installed. This includes the size of the system and what the electricity rates are in your area.

Solar Works Virtually Anywhere

In the United States, solar resources are abundant. An hour of the noon summer sun is equal to the United States’ annual electricity demand. Most areas of the states have good solar resources.

Those who live in areas such as Alaska and the Pacific Northwest can potentially save money. Such areas have solar resources similar to Germany. This means you can reap the benefits of solar power, even if you live in an area that has low solar resources.


Using renewable Josco energy solar power can result in a reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, it can reduce pollutants such as nitrogen oxides, sulfur oxides, and particulate matter. Solar even reduces water withdrawal and consumption.

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