The evolution and present status of the study on peak oil in China

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Publication date: 2009-06-01
First published: Petroleum Science
Authors: X. Pang et al


Peak oil theory is a theory concerning long-term oil reserves and the rate of oil production. Peak Oil refers to the maximum rate of the production of oil or gas in any area under consideration. Its inevitability is analyzed from three aspects. The factors that influence peak oil and their mechanisms are discussed. These include some resources, the discovery maturity of resources, the depletion rate of reserves and the demand for oil. The advance in the study of peak oil in China is divided into three stages. The main characteristics, main researchers, forecast results and research methods are described in each stage. The progress of the study of peak oil in China is summarized, and the present problems are analyzed. Finally, three development trends of peak oil study in China are presented.

Published in: Petroleum Science, Volume 6, Number 2, Pages 217-224
Available from: Springer

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