Children and Peak Oil: An Opportunity in Crisis

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Publication date: 2007-06-01
First Published In: The International Journal of Children’s Rights
Authors: P. Tranter, S. Sharpe


Major social upheavals and crises are notorious as catalysts for the re-evaluation of values and the erosion or augmentation of human rights. In the contemporary global setting, scarcely any issue causes more anxiety, either directly or indirectly, than the production and consumption of the world’s energy resources. From the war in Iraq to rising fuel prices, to global warming attributed to the burning of fossil fuels, energy consumption has been a central theme. This paper argues that the current concern about energy resources, particularly; oil, provides an opportunity for a re-evaluation of our conceptualisation of children and children’s rights.

Published in: The International Journal of Children’s Rights, Volume 15, Number 1, 2007, Pages 181-197
Available from: Brill Online

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