An evaluation of the readiness of UK companies for disruptions in energy supply

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Publication date: 2007-07-07
First Published in: University of Liverpool
Authors: James Young


The UK faces long-term challenges to the reliability of its energy supplies, arising from a combination of domestic resource depletion, subsequent dependence on eroding global raw fuel reserves, poor infrastructure investment and worsening weather. This study evaluates the readiness of UK companies for such disruption.

The literature suggests that the approach to business continuity planning is not taking account of these emergent risks and thus companies are unprepared. Selected UK businesses were asked for their views on business continuity planning. This information gathering comprised both qualitative and quantitative information obtained through questionnaire and interviews.

It was found that while most companies in the study had measures in place that would provide a degree of protection, there were shortfalls in their approach to risk assessment which meant emergent risks were not captured or mitigated against. To alleviate these vulnerabilities, it is recommended that the UK government become more proactive in communicating emergent risks and that companies review their risk assessment approach and take appropriate action to ensure that protective measures are implemented, and risks are regularly reviewed.

Published in: Liverpool University, master of business administration thesis
Available from: See attachment below

An evaluation of the readiness of UK companies for disruptions in energy supply (1996 – 2006).pdf

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