The Permanent Oil Crisis

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ASPO International is pleased to inform about the Permanent Oil Crisis conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 21-22 January 2009.

Despite the present, temporarily low oil prices and financial turmoil now is the time to look beyond 2009. Low oil prices, Low investments, High future oil prices

  • How can we best prepare ourselves for a new period of economic growth?
  • How can we power this growth with a sustained and affordable energy and resources supply?
  • How dependent are we on Russian natural gas supply?
  • What are the consequences of today’s low oil prices on future investment levels?

Learn and benefit from the insights of experts and top level executives presented at the forthcoming Congress: The Permanent Oil Crisis: Challenges & Opportunities!

The first day of the Congress deals with political and macroeconomic aspects of the changing oil supplies, with particular reference to the current recession. On the second day the Congress focuses on specific economic sectors:

  • Transport & Infrastructure
  • Food & Agriculture
  • Energy & Systems
  • Chemicals & Materials

Top executives of amongst others:

  • Shell
  • Dow Chemicals
  • Q8
  • Unilever
  • Rabobank
  • UIC
  • ASPO

…will give their answers during this 2-day inspiring Congress!


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