How to Make the World Aware that the Party is Over

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2nd International Workshop on Oil Depletion

Paris, France, May 26-27, 2003
Organised by the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas

The depletion of oil, which furnishes 40% of traded energy and 90% of transport fuel, should by all means be a sensitive subject for all governments as well as for you as an individual. It heralds for Mankind a discontinuity of historic proportions. It is easy for the economists who advise most governments to map short-term economic cycles but it is very difficult for them to deal with major discontinuities, especially those that undermine the very foundations of their subject. This must be changed.

Speakers at this workshop are presenting the evidence for a Natural Science Approach to the depletion of oil, addressing the geological constraints, the technical basis of reserve estimation, the distribution of field sizes, and the obvious correlation between discovery and production after a time lag. Those of us who realize that all this evidence points in one direction must act as soon as possible to alert governments and others of what the true situation is.

Last year the first International Workshop on Oil Depletion was organized in Uppsala, Sweden. During the past year we have tried to make Sweden aware of the problems, as well as drawing attention to ASPO and the work it stands for. The subject has attracted much media interest, with more then 30 interviews with TV, radio, magazines and newspapers. This sets an example of what can be achieved on a wider scale. The lessons that have been learnt are discussed and reviewed in the presentation.

Kjell Aleklett is Professor of Physics at Uppsala University in Sweden where he leads the Uppsala Global Energy Systems Group (UGES).

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