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Saudi Prince: U.S. oil independence not applicable!

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U.S. oil independence “is non-applicable” despite US President-elect Barack Obama’s assurances, said former Saudi Chief of Intelligence Prince Turki Al-Faisal Wednesday evening.

Al-Faisal said in statements to KUNA, during a seminar held on Saudi-US relations organized by the Arab contemporary studies center at Georgetown University, “Saudi should not be worried concerning Obama’s attempts to launch oil independence, as oil remains the cheapest source of power. Therefore it cannot be made indispensable.” He added that the US call for independence in the field of energy was also on Bill Clinton’s agenda, but the US continued to buy oil.

He noted that the US did not only import oil from the Middle East, but also from Canada and Mexico. Therefore the issue was not limited to Saudi alone but the U.S. neighbors. The prince said that Saudi was near the end of the oil era, as it was investing in human resources through sending its students abroad to gain experiences and knowledge.

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