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Top 10 eco-driving tips for everybody

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1. Embrace inflation

As indicated by tire producer Michelin, underinflated tires can increase the car fuel usage up to six percent. With the average tank of fuel costing around £70, pumping up your tires could help to save around £4 per top off. The efforts appear to be beneficial, isn’t that right?

2. Regular maintenance

A regularly maintained car will be more economical than one that is not regularly maintained. Proper and regular application of oil allows the internal components to be lubricated while any internal faults that obstruct the working condition can be repaired. Make sure you follow the maintenance routine as recommended by the manufacturer and think of seasonal maintenance a good investment.

3. Operate smoothly

When you are driving, do not be frenetic. Keep a good spacing from the front car to avoid applying the car brake in die minute and drive at the standard road speed. Engage the brake pedal and the gear when required to reduce fuel consumption. When the motor speed drops below 1500 rpm, navigate to a lower gear.

4. Ease off the throttle

When the drivers travel downhill, the energy saving trust encourages them to take their foot off the gas. In the present day motors, it prevents fuel from moving to the engine, thereby minimizing the fuel consumption. Remain in gear, notwithstanding, as coasting in neutral reduces driver control.

5. One, two – skip a few

Energy saving trust also advised skipping gears if possible. One can save fuel and minimize wear and tear from the car transmission by moving from third gear to fifth gear. Also, when moving at a lower speed, skip one gear to the other. Move at the highest gear that is recommended for the road. With GPS tracker for car, one can monitor the driving behavior.

6. Be cool about air conditioning

Air conditioning is incredible, but it uses fuel to keep you cool. Endeavour to turn it off when you achieve the needed temperature, particularly in the winter when switching on the air conditioning for some minutes is all needed to clear the car windows.

7. Avoid being a drag

Do you remember the roof bars you used for a summer holiday? Do not forget to remove them if you are not using them, to keep your car in good shape and condition. The difference it will have the fuel will surprise you.

8. Off the engine when in traffic

If you are in the same spot in traffic for several minutes, switch off the engine or use technology such as Volvo start/stop. One can save fuel in few minutes. Switching off the engine will not only help to minimise the fuel consumption, but it gives a pleasant wait. You might even hear the odd bed singing.

9. Drive at a steady speed

Do not over speed, always watch the speedometer if your car has it. Volvo has discovered that features like speed limiters assist the driver to minimize fuel consumption and gives a relaxing journey.

10. Avoid using car; walk if possible

We all love to drive from one place to the other, but it is good to avoid car journey to everywhere. Before you drive in your car to the local shop, ask if you can easily walk to the place. Money save from this can be used for other purposes.

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