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Painting a car without aerosols

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Many people like to change the color of their cars to give it a new look after a few years. The prospect of getting a new looking ‘old’ car is a great one if you want to save on the costs of buying an entirely new car! However, getting your car repainted is actually not fruitful for you in the long term. Painting the car decreases the resale value when the original company paint has been removed and redone. By decreasing the resale value of the car, you might actually lose out on a substantial sum of money.

There is a better solution to getting a new look for your car. The solution is vinyl wrapping. Vinyl wrapping for cars has been around for some time and has multiple benefits attached to it. Sticking the wrapping on instead of paying for an entire paint job is far cheaper in the long term. Painting your car costs between $8.000 to $10.500, while getting a professional vinyl wrap on your car costs between $1.500 to $4.500.

Let us look at some key reasons why painting a car without aerosols and opting for vinyl wrapping is better.


Depending on the color and quality of the paint you choose, a professionally done paint job can drive a hole in your pocket. Instead, professionally installed vinyl prints and wraps vary in price range and can be used according to specification. Highest quality vinyl wraps cost approximately $2.000 to $4.000. This will easily last for up to four years without any wear and tear. You can choose exciting colors and patterns, stickers, and designs for a quarter of the cost of painting your entire car.

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Better Protection:

Most car owners are under the impression that the original paint of the car gets affected by applying vinyl on it. This is not the case. Vinyl wrapping actually helps protect the original color of the car by saving it from weathering and natural hazards or sand scratches. Since vinyl wrapping is thick (almost 3mm), it acts as a natural barrier to the original factory paint of your car. With a good quality vinyl wrap, you’re actually ensuring that your car is in a better condition should you choose to uninstall the vinyl wrap at a later stage and drive around with your original car color. Invest in vinyl wrapping against painting your car to keep it better.

Resale Value:

With vinyl wrapping, you can maintain the original color of your car. The resale value of your unblemished factory painted car will be higher than one that has been repainted and doesn’t have the original company paint. Changing the color of your car with a devalued aftermarket painting job will hamper the resale value considerably. Many times, buyers prefer cars with original paint jobs since the color won’t differ from models they have already seen. Besides which, the buyer might reject the car by the new color that you might have liked. Getting your car vinyl wrapped is a better option since it preserves the original paint job.

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Long lasting:

Paint tends to chip and wear off after a while. The same is not true for vinyl. High-quality vinyl wraps last longer than average paint jobs. One great way to ensure your vinyl wrapping stays longer without fading is to minimise the time parked in the sun. Driving the car around is fine, but parking the car in the sun tends to fade the vinyl wrap. Keeping your car parked in the garage or an underground or stilt parking facility is not just better for the vinyl but also for the car since it doesn’t heat up from within.

Safe to uninstall:

Car paint needs to be scraped, chipped, sanded, and then chemically stripped to get it off the car. If this doesn’t work, it still needs scraping with a putty knife to get all the paint and color out. On the other hand, vinyl can be stripped off by professionals in a few minutes. There is absolutely no damage done to the paint of the car. It does not cause any cracking, marring, or scrapes to your car.

Vinyl wrapping is always a better option than a paint job since you can also customise the vinyl wraps or stickers according to your taste and preference. You can opt for polished, glossed, chrome, matte, Kevlar/ carbon fiber, or chameleon finishes to suit your customisations.

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