4 Ways We Can Make Our Companies More Eco-Friendly

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A few years ago, being eco-friendly was widely regarded as trendy and fun. Although, that was before companies started seeing the results this shift. Not only were they able to save tremendously on costs, such as lighting, water, and gas, but they were also able to contribute to a global movement. Those aspects are just barely scratching the surface of what going green can mean.

According to a study by UCLA, companies that have a “going green initiative” report being 16% more productive than the national average. Emphasizing environmentally-friendly values shows your employees you care about more than just a bottom line. It’s a small step, but one that can speak volumes. However, some companies still struggle with their initiatives.

While there are numerous contributors as to why some firms haven’t gone green yet, some common misconceptions mostly boil down to the cost and effort it takes to implement a system. And even though there are some upfront costs in installing green equipment or practices, the payoff comes back tenfold in the long run. Here are some ways to start making an impact today:

Start Using Eco-Friendly Products

Perhaps one of the quickest and easiest ways to start being more eco-friendly is by using clean products. Not only will this create a more healthy environment, but one that rids bad toxins that could potentially be harmful to your employees. Additionally, using eco-friendly goods will give a better peace of mind that your company is a part of a bigger mission in helping protect the environment. That, and being eco-friendly can also be a huge money saver, as well.

Save The Planet, Save Some Cash (and possibly earn some more too)

The cost reduction you might gain by going green could be tremendous. Of course, there are the obvious examples, such as shutting off lights, replacing old appliances, and, even, implementing paper or ink recycling that also aid with bringing down operational costs. According to a survey by Nielsen, 55% of people across the globe are more willing to support companies with green initiatives. Already this puts you ahead of your competition, which can bode well in having your going green efforts as a long-term commitment. Plus, going green won’t just make your customers happy, but it will (likely) excite your employees, as well.

Offer In-House Services

While seldom talked about in our eco-friendly efforts, providing your employees with some in-house services can reduce their carbon footprint via travel tremendously. For example, while you might not have room to install a gym, implementing a system where your employees all work to get in shape together could be a great way to save on travel, as well as be an excellent opportunity to bond with each other. Additionally, you could also include other services that reduce consumption while improving employee morale, such as having someone come in to cook in-house once a week or so. These services are easy to search around for, so get your team together to pitch in some ideas on what might be both fun and cost effective ways of giving back to mother nature.

Cover Your Bases

Finally, one of the easiest (as well as safest) ways to be eco-friendly is by covering any basic safety procedures that are necessary. That includes simple steps like following OSHA regulations, as well as making sure your equipment is up to standard. Older and unsafe equipment could be potentially hazardous both to the environment, as well as to your employee’s health. Additionally, for things like air conditioning units and other appliances, the potential savings you could hold by updating your equipment will practically pay for itself.

As stated above, not only will going green help you save money, but it could also be a great marketing technique. Your employees will work in a safer and much healthier environment, which could potentially help save tremendously on turnover. Oh, and it can also be an excellent way to bond with your team. Overall, as something that can help save money, make money, improve morale, and even help protect the environment, what’s to lose?

Like everyone else, I am a child of the earth. I love my animals, and I love the environment. As modernization pushes us forward and introduces us to an exciting new world filled with advanced technology, it is easy to forget about.

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