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NYC Guides – Choosing Heating Oil Companies in New York City

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New York City is the financial center and commercial hub of the United States. It is the most populous city in the US, with over 8 million people. It is also the wealthiest of US cities and prominent for international diplomacy as it hosts the headquarters of the United Nations and other world entities.

Colloquially known as NYC by its many residents, New York is the most commercially, religiously, and ethnically diverse city in the US with a representation of different religions and ethnic groups from all over the world.

New York winters are chilly and being the coldest time of the year; this is when home heating systems such as furnaces, boilers, and water heaters are particularly most useful.

Furnaces are still the most popular home heating systems used during this cold period because of their long life span, flexibility, and efficiency. They are the core of most homes’ HVAC systems.

Furnaces are powered by different types of fuel, including natural gas and electricity. However, heating oil is still trendy in the United States, especially in the Northeast States, which includes New York.

What is Heating Oil?

Heating oil abbreviated as HHO is a petroleum product extracted from crude oil. It has a low viscosity, and it is mainly used as fuel in home heating systems. As one of the several distillates of petroleum, it is known as No. 2 distillate. It is regulated by The Department of Energy and must conform to the ASTM standard D396. This oil is usually delivered to homes and commercial buildings by supply companies in trucks and then stored in tanks, which are generally above the ground commonly called above-ground storage tanks. You can get more information on this from this article here.

What to Look for When Choosing an Oil Delivery Company

For the many residents of New York City who need a reliable and cost-effective heating oil supply to keep the cold out and make their home comfortable during the winter months, choosing the right company is quite essential.

When choosing a company to supply your heating oil, there are two types of suppliers. These are full service and discount suppliers.

Full-Service Supplier

Full-service companies offer the full range of services, including supply and delivery of heating oil, maintenance, support and repair services, installations, and also consultation. They do not just supply and leave you; they are with you every step of the way, making sure everything concerning your heating is perfect. You can be sure they will always have a supply when you need it and are always available when they are needed.

Discount Supplier

Discount supplies, on the other hand, deliver fuel on a cash-only basis, and there is no guarantee you will find them the next time you need them, and no one can tell when that will be.

Discount suppliers may seem cheap, but it is best to use a full-service company always. You can at least be sure they will be available every time they are needed.

Whether you have an existing installation or you are installing a new unit, to choose a full-service company, here are a few things to watch out for:


When shopping for an oil company, you can compare the prices with other companies and against the industry index. The Oil Institute of New York provides information based on daily rates. You can use this to compare if they are selling to you at a fair price. You can also calculate all the fees and cost you are paying over a given period in comparison to other companies to see.

Service Contracts and Plans

Many heating oil companies have different types of contracts and plan to make it convenient for their customers. When choosing one, check if they require contracts. Look for companies that can offer you flexible options, which may include a contract while at the same time giving you the option not bound to sign one if you do not want to. Be wary of any company that insists on you having a contract.

Delivery Time

Delivering heating oil is the most critical aspect of a heating oil company’s job. Asides the fact that they need to be available when needed, check their expected delivery time by searching on their websites, asking them directly, checking reviews, and also asking existing customers about them. Most companies who own their delivery trucks tend to deliver faster than those who don’t as they are not dependent on others, and this also makes them less expensive as they do not have to rent trucks.

Choosing a trusted heating oil company like Cohler Fuel will give you all the benefits and peace of mind when you need you and your family to be comfortable during the cold and snow. With a reputable company, you get quick, quality fuel in time with options to suit your particular needs.

Whether you want automatic, semi-automatic, or a combination of both, a serious company should always be on hand to deliver exceptional service whenever it is required. As an added service, most reputable companies will also offer regular maintenance of your furnace system, free burner tune-ups, and all-round customer service and support.

It should now be pretty obvious why you need the right supply company.

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