How to improve workplace safety with electrical cabinet vents

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Every company must offer a safe workplace for its employees, be it a small business or a large industrial plant. In a very large industrial context such as a manufacturing company, the installation of electrical cabinet vents is not enough to make the environment safe. It is also necessary to invest in the ventilation of the cabinet and its cooling through electrical cabinet vents, created to prevent overheating. It is necessary to carry out periodic maintenance and have the installation carried out by professionals in the sector.

The temperature must be controlled in a company because it affects the reliability and durability of electrical and electronic components. Usually, when devices don’t work, it’s almost always a thermal problem. This happens because the temperature inside the electrical cabinet increases and in addition to causing damage, it causes the equipment to age much faster. However, low temperatures do not bring advantages, because they favor the creation of condensation, damaging the devices. It is therefore necessary to find an optimal temperature to protect your instruments, keeping them in good condition for as long as possible.

Thermal management: the influencing factors

Some factors affect thermal management, first of all, the position in which the electrical panel is installed and the quality of the air. The choice of material is essential to ensure that it resists the surrounding environment, opting for those that lend themselves to heat dissipation in a natural way. The outside temperature must also be considered, as there must be a right balance with the inside temperature. In summary, the main factors are air pressure, air quality, place of installation, humidity, type of installation, external temperature, the temperature inside the switchboard, the power dissipated by the components inside the switchboard, and correct operation of the equipment. 

What is an industrial electrical cabinet and how it works 

Industrial air conditioners for electrical panels are tools used in industrial buildings to keep electrical panels dry and ventilated. In this way, it is possible to solve a humidity problem, which could otherwise block the production process or cause fires in the workplace. Thanks to good ventilation and regulation of the temperature inside the electrical panels, it is possible to secure the building and avoid the accumulation of dust and dirt, a factor especially important in companies that use toxic substances. These tools can be installed both inside and outside buildings, depending on the type of production process and needs. The choice of the ideal air conditioner varies according to the size of the electrical cabinet, the temperature to be reached, and the quality of the air.

The electrical panel of an industrial plant is not different from the one found in private homes: it is part of the electrical system that powers the sockets, lights, and everything else. The type of use and intended use change, because the industrial electrical panel must be chosen based on the work processes that take place inside the building. Regulations must be respected, which specify the characteristics required by the electrical cabinets and air conditioners that you want to install. Based on the type of activity that takes place inside the building, there will be rules to follow regarding safety in the workplace, both for tools and for employees. There are always many accidents in the workplace all over the world, so the level of safety is getting higher and higher, as it should be.

The maintenance of industrial electrical panels

After understanding what type of electrical panel to install and choosing the most suitable air conditioner, periodic maintenance must be carried out to check that everything keeps working correctly and that there are no faults. To do this, it is advisable to contact an expert, who will check that there is no dust or dirt, that the temperature is optimal, therefore not too high or too low, and that the terminals are always in place. The choice of the air conditioner for panels becomes important to ensure correct maintenance, in fact from thermal management it is possible to obtain several advantages. The first thing is safety, the prevention of malfunctions and overheating inside the panel, but also longer life expectancy of the instruments, better energy efficiency, reduced downtime, lower costs, and low maintenance. If you install an air conditioner for electrical cabinets you want

to make sure that the temperature control is optimal, so there will be no need for a lot of maintenance.

It is necessary to invest in the safety of electrical panels because if an adequate solution is not chosen, the risks will be high. They relate to shorter component life, reduced performance, and the risk of serious damage and fire due to too high a temperature. With high temperatures and humidity, many components of the panel will be at risk. Every company should therefore invest in safe products to work quietly and ensure good quality of tools, even after many years.

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