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5 Ways to Make Your Bedroom More Eco-Friendly

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Is Your Bedroom as Green as it Could Be?

Your bedroom is supposed to be your retreat away from the stress of the world. However, most bedrooms across America are anything but healthy and sustainable. If you want to enjoy your bedroom, then you should pay closer attention to the choices you’re making and invest in more sustainable solutions and products.

5 Steps to a Greener Bedroom

When it comes to being green in the home, most people think about the kitchen, living room, or landscaping, but the bedroom is actually one of the most important areas. You consistently spend more time in your bedroom than any other room in the house, though you might be unconscious. Thus, if you’re going to reduce your carbon footprint and live a healthier lifestyle, making green choices here could make a real difference.

1. Purchase Bamboo Sheets

Sheet selection is highly personal. Some people have specific requirements and are extremely picky when it comes to the type of sheets they want, but if you want the best of both worlds – soft and sustainable – give bamboo sheets a try.

Bamboo sheets have become quite popular over the years and are known for being soft and lightweight – which is perfect for the summer. Typically, bamboo sheets are labeled as 100% Rayon, which means they are produced using a rayon fabric that’s derived from bamboo plants.

2. Enhance Air Quality

If you spend 6-8 hours per night breathing in the air in your bedroom, it makes sense that you would want that air to be as clean and healthy as possible. Unfortunately, not every bedroom is the perfect embodiment of clean air. It might smell fine, but there could be toxic chemicals (like VOC’s) and allergens present.

The good news is that there are ways to enhance the air quality in your bedroom. One of the best options is to use an air purifier that’s specifically designed to remove toxins. You can also make smarter choices regarding what you allow to affect the air quality.

3. Ditch the Candles

“Since paraffin wax is a by-product of fossil fuels, burning these types of candles produces emissions that can compromise indoor air quality,” health blogger Lindsay Sheehan writes. “According to a report published by the EPA, paraffin wax candles (as well as incense) release small amounts of chemical compounds when burned.”

Some of the compounds scented candles release into the air may include acetaldehyde, formaldehyde, acrolein, dioxins and furans, and polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (to name a few). If you want a healthier alternative, try diffusing essential oils.

4. Use Green Cleaning Products

You can make all of the right choices in your bedroom, but as soon as you use traditional cleaning products, it’s all over. The majority of cleaning products you purchase at the supermarket contain toxins that actually leave your room dirtier than before. The better choice is to make your own cleaning products using ingredients like vinegar, baking soda, lemon, and borax.

5. Purchase LED Light Bulbs

If you’re still using incandescent light bulbs in the bedroom, you’re being inefficient. By tossing them and switching to energy efficient LED bulbs, you can save energy and get more life out of your lights. (But regardless of what you do, make sure you use natural light throughout the day whenever possible.)

Lower Your Footprint, Improve Your Health

Making your home more eco-friendly is a process, but you have to begin somewhere. Why not start with the room that you use 40-60 hours per week? By making small improvements here and there, you can lower your impact and promote a healthier lifestyle without compromising on comfort and design.

Like everyone else, I am a child of the earth. I love my animals, and I love the environment. As modernization pushes us forward and introduces us to an exciting new world filled with advanced technology, it is easy to forget about.

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