Why should you advertise with us?

If you’re in pursuit of the environmental conscious target audience and would like to promote your brand, product, or service, sponsorship is right for you. Peakoil.net is one of the leading green networks on the internet covering the various topic in this field such as sustainability, green living, eco-friendly products, biodiversity, global warming, climate change, renewable and non-renewable energy, solar powered vehicles and devices, etc. We offer a full portal where users can read, share and discuss green news on a daily basis.

What type of traffic does our website get?

Peakoil.net is growing daily. We’re currently generating over 50,000 page views per month. Our traffic is highly targeted, over 80% of our users come from search engines, which means that search engines view our site as a high authority site within the environmental community.

If you’re looking to deliver a message to a large targeted audience, sponsorship is the way to reach them.

Ad Guidelines

Premium Large Square – 300×250: The 300×250 is a premium ad; it appears at the top of all our articles.

Skyscraper – 600×300: The 600×300 Skyscraper ad block appears on the sidebar sections.

Button – 125×125: The 125×125 buttons appear on every page of the blogs. Ad locations are randomized with each page load to give advertisers even more exposure.

Sponsored Posts

Sponsored Posts work just as well, even better than any other conventional ads for some verticals. If you need to reach out to potential customers via interesting reads, this is the way to go.


  • Ad rates are subject to change at any time; existing advertisers will get an option to extend their contract at the same initial rate.
  • CPM base campaigns will vary in length and will run until the page view count is filled.
  • Once payment is received, one of our team members will contact you within 24 hours with further instructions.
  • All banners have a small border placed around them to identify as an advertisement clearly.
  • All ad orders are placed as PayPal subscriptions and renew on a month to month basis automatically after the term is filled.
  • Sponsored posts are one-time payments. Your posts are published upon the completion of the payment.

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