Statement by Matthew Simmons

Statement by Matthew Simmons

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Statement by Matthew Simmons, energy adviser for President Bush, at the 1:st International Workshop on Oil Depletion, Uppsala, Sweden, May, 23-25, 2002:

“We need a wake up call. We need it desperately. We need basically a new form of energy. I don’t know that there is one.” (TV4, Sweden)

On February 10, 2003, Global Public media visitged Matthew R. Simmons in Huston, Texas, USA. The following questions was answered:

“How Do You Introduce the Oil Peak and Decline Phenomenon?”

“Can You Tell Us About the Growing Problem of Natural Gas in North America and Is It Particular to the US?”

“How Did We Get Into the Current Situation?”

“When You Are Interviewed by Mainstream Media, Do You Try to Tell Them About Oil Peak and Decline?”

“How Did You Come to Be an Advocate for Oil Peak and Decline?”

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