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The project Asleep in America is a documentary that explores the topic of Peak Oil. Peak Oil happens when global demand for fossil fuels surpasses supply. Experts agree that Global Peak production will inevitably occur. They disagree only on when it will happen. Oil industry analysts predict the Global Peak could occur around 2020. Critics disagree and provide evidence suggesting the Peak will happen as early as 2010. Either way, the Peak is inevitable.

Kelly Way
“I have now 40 hours of film.” Kelly Way, director/producer


The purpose of this documentary is to objectively examine the relevant aspects of the Peak Oil situation and bring to light the ramifications it has for the future of industrialized societies. It will ask and attempt to answer the following questions:

  • Is more energy needed to improve worldwide standards of living, and
  • Is the world supply of fossil fuels sufficient to meet future demands?

Because many noted petroleum geologists around the world say the answer to the above question is a resounding NO, what should we be doing now?

What is the documentary Asleep in America intended to do?

Many Americans seem unconcerned or uninformed about the problem of diminishing fossil fuel reserves. It is, however, critical for America to wake up and confront this issue. Here in the U.S., 20 million barrels [42gallons each] of oil are required each day to satisfy our current needs. Although our country has only 5% of the global population, Americans consume 25% of the world’s energy. And, as the US makes plans for future growth, its people and its leaders need to understand that our nation is a part of a finite biosphere blessed with only a limited endowment of natural resources. New and alternative sources of energy will be required coupled with new methods of conservation. People everywhere need to hear, understand and cooperate. Asleep in America will tell the story.

How will it be done?

Asleep in America will confront the interrelated complexities of geology, economics, and politics. These elements will be analyzed, evaluated and clarified. They will be used to inform the viewer of the critical issues involved and the potential solutions that are possible. Asleep in America will consult and work with Prof. Kjell Aleklett, Professor of Physics, at Uppsala University in Sweden, to document the status of global energy reserves. Professor Aleklett is the President of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil (ASPO), a network of scientists affiliated with European institutions and universities. Its mission is to define, evaluate and quantify the world’s endowment of gas and oil reserves. Also, ASPO attempts to predict the date of the peak and the financial, social and political impact of the inevitable decline of the world’s oil and gas production. Prof. Aleklett, working with his ASPO colleagues, has applied the Hubbert analytical model developed 49 years ago. Despite clear and overwhelming evidence of diminishing energy reserves, Prof. Alekett has had to confront cynical European forces similar to those in the United States. He and his ASPO colleagues are pleased to be a part of the Asleep in America story.

Kelly Films crew
Team leaving Sweden for next stop Lisbon. The team behind Kelly Way has over 60 years of combined experience including major Hollywood feature films, television shows, and commercials. From left: Jason Lord/sound design/composer, Giovani Lampassi/cinematagrapher, Kelly Way/ director/producer and Damien Collier/cinematographer.

Filmmaking Experience

I have spent twenty years in the movie business. My experience as a filmmaker has taught me one thing. To successfully engage an audience, you must tell a story from a human perspective. It is my intention to use the cinematic process, along with the principles of the documentary format, to tell this story. Using the techniques above, I will explore the character of Professor Aleklett and reveal his passion and humanity to my audience thus allowing the viewer see him as a concerned and dedicated scientist. I believe that taking this approach will inform, inspire and motivate. Professor Aleklett is a powerful and dynamic figure at the forefront of the Peak Oil movement. He has a unique way of explaining complex ideas in a simplified manner and is dedicated to advancing understanding for the good of humanity.

We will go to Europe to tell the story of Peak Oil in America because, at the moment, there is no movement in the U.S. to explore the topic comprehensively. I believe it is often better to make observations from the outside looking in than from the inside looking out.

I have assembled a skilled team of filmmakers to tell this story. With over 60 years of combined experience including major Hollywood feature films, television shows, and commercials, I am confident that this team has the skill, knowledge, and sensitivity to create an understandable, meaningful, and timely program that will inform, entertain and, most importantly, energize its audience.


The time has come for the American Media and entertainment communities to be a part of the solution to the world energy situation. Help is needed to inform American leaders and citizens about the impending crisis. There may be no greater problem facing the human race. Because the U.S. is the world’s largest consumer of these limited resources, its people should share the obligation to address and solve the many issues involved. I am committed to making this documentary and spreading this important message. If you have any questions or would like to know more about me, please contact me anytime.

Kelly Way
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