The 10th ASPO conference in Vienna on YouTube

The 10th Annual ASPO International conference in Vienna was a great success. On the conference website you can read about the conference (ASPO 2012), you can look in detail at the program (program) and read the presentations of the speakers and download their presentations (speakers). All seminars were filmed, and now all the presentations are available on YouTube. The organizers, Michael Cerveny, George Günsberg and Rembrandt Koppelaar (organisation), have made a fantastic job to make the presentations from the conference to a historical document. Now there are 34 presentations on YouTube. We who participated in the conference can once again listen to the presentations that we like to hear, or to the ones that we missed because there were parallel sessions. All of you who were unable to come can now study the program and choose the presentations that you want to be on. You can also look at all the pictures that were taken (Picture Gallery). Hope you will have many pleasant hours with ASPO 2012. As President of ASPO International, I once again like to thank everyone in the organization for a fantastic job and all the participants for coming to Vienna.

List with presentations on YouTube
(I propose that you first download the presentation and look at that during the presentation)