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The Permanent Oil Crisis

ASPO International is pleased to inform about the Permanent Oil Crisis-conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands, 21-22 January 2009.

Despite the present, temporarily low oil prices and financial turmoil, now is the time to look beyond 2009. Low oil prices, Low investments, High future oil prices

• How can we best prepare ourselves for a new period of economic growth?
• How can we power this growth with a sustained and affordable energy and resources supply?
• How dependent are we from Russian natural gas supply?
• What are the consequences of today’s low oil prices on future investment levels?

Learn and benefit from the insights of experts and top level executives presented at the forthcoming congress: The Permanent oil Crisis: Challenges & Opportunities!

The first day of the congress deals with political and macro economic aspects of the changing oil supplies, with particular reference to the current recession. On the second day the congress focuses on specific economic sectors:
o Transport & Infrastructure
o Food & Agriculture
o Energy & Systems
o Chemicals & Materials

ASPO 7 Conference in Barcelona

The speaker program for the ASPO 7 conference has now been finalized. Among the speakers are Colin Campbell, Kjell Aleklett, Jean Laherrere, Chris Skrebrowski and many more.

The theme of the conference is below ground and above ground. Sessions will treat everything from geology, dynamics, geopolitics and much more.

Please visit the conference website for more information and registration.

Humans live in and from the biosphere. But in the first decade of the 21st Century, 85 percent of the primary energy consumed by the 6.7 billion humans comes from the lithosphere.
About 40 percent of this energy is oil. Another 40 percent comes from natural gas and coal, and 6 percent more is from uranium.

This represents close to 10 billion tons of oil equivalent, extracted every year from below ground.


BP challenges ASPO in bet over peak oil

BP Plc Chief Executive Officer Tony Hayward is putting money on the line to dispute the theory of peak oil, according to his counterparty in the wager Kjell Aleklett, a professor at Sweden's Uppsala University.

Hayward bet Aleklett the price of one barrel of oil in 2018 that global crude production will be greater than the current daily output of 85.5 million barrels, the professor said during his speech at the Asia Oil and Gas Conference in Kuala Lumpur. Total supply was 86.8 million barrels a day, including natural gas liquids such as propane.

I am upset that the bet is so low, only the price of one barrel of oil, Aleklett said to laughter from the audience at the oil conference in Kuala Lumpur.

Read more: Bloomberg News

ASPO Conference in Barcelona

The next ASPO conference will take place in Barcelona in Spain during 20-21 October 2008.
The traditional topics, such as oil and gas (and coal), will be discussed by various speakers. Apart from that also energy security and other proposed subjects, such as renewables in general and biofuels in particular together with local and regional solutions, will be presented.

A more detailed schedule and list of speakers will appear later. For more information check out the official conference homepage at (coming soon). This page will also include registration procedures and subscription fees and conditions.

Additional information and a summary of what peak oil is about and the earlier conferences can be found in the attached dossier.

If you are interested in contributing with a paper we will keep the reception of proposed papers for the conferences from the ASPO members until August 31st 2008.

Interested members can mail their proposed documents for coordinated pre-selection to: Pedro A. Prieto at and to Mikael Höök at

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ASPO and Peak oil theorists challenge Saudi Arabia

Press release from ASPO, The Association for the Study of Peak Oil&Gas,


ASPO and Peak oil theorists challenge Saudi Arabia

Kjell Aleklett, President of ASPO,, +46-70-425 0604

In Paris, March 2, 2008, Ali al-Naimi, oil minister for the world's largest crude producer, Saudi Arabia, and one of the oil industry's most influential figures, has been discussing Peak Oil. He has stated that Saudi Arabia, which already has the world's biggest proven oil reserves, plans to add another 200 billion barrels of oil to its proven reserves. He said this was "to reassure the world that we are not going to run out of oil in the next five to ten years as peak oil theorists say." Full story at AFP