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Cork, Irland
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Giant Oil Fields - Highway to Oil
Fredrik Robelius, member of the Uppsala Hydrocarbon Depletion Study Group, UHDSG, Uppsala University in Sweden, defended on March 30 his thesis “Giant Oil Fields – Highway to Oil”. The first ever thesis about Peak Oil. (read further)

ASPO Canada
ASPO-CANADA is the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas in Canada and globally. As such, it exists alongside ASPO organizations in ten other OECD countries, all of which depend heavily on abundant supplies of both oil and gas. In recent years, some have come to use more dramatic language in describing their over-dependency. (Visit ASPO Canada)

China Shijiazhuang Energy & Enviroment Conference, 2006 Nov 1
Thf a sister city exchange program. One of the speakers at the conference was professor Kjell Aleklett, president of ASPO. The presentation, as well as the text of the presentation in English and Chinese, is given in a pdf file (DownloadIt would be interesting if someone like to translate the presentation to other languages.

World oil production may have peaked-executive
BOSTON, Oct 26 (Reuters) - World production of crude oil may have already peaked, setting the stage for declining output that could lag demand, a top advocate of the "peak oil" theory said on Thursday. 'Guess what? We actually reached a sustainable peak in crude oil production in December 2005,'" Matt Simmons said at a meeting of the United States of the the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas. (read further)<>

ASPO Newsletter
The ASPO newsletters can be found at:
Ali Sasam Baktiari Dr Ali Morteza Samsam Bakhtiari and Peak Oil
Dr Ali Morteza Samsam Bakhtiari was for more then 30 years employed by the National Iranian Oil Co. (NIOC) of Tehran, Iran. During the course of his employment with NIOC, he held many important positions of trust and responsibility.Dr Bakhtiari is now fully retired from NIOC, in accordance with a mandatory age requirement. He has no current official link with the company. But, luckily for us in the Western world, he is among the pioneers of the global "Peak Oil" theory. (Read further)

Gazprom to develop Shtokman alone, pipe gas to Europe
In a surprise move, Russia's OAO Gazprom announced on Oct. 9 that it will develop giant Shtokman (Shtokmanovskoye) natural gas-condensate field in the Barents Sea without foreign partners and will pipe the gas to Europe rather than convert it to LNG for North American markets as had been planned. ( Read further )

Peak Oil hearing in the House
The protocol of the Peak Oil hearing at the House of Representatives energy subcommittee can now be downloaded from our site. President of ASPO Kjell Aleklett as well as Congressmen Bartlett and Udell, Senior Energy Program Advisor Hirsch and Senior Consultant and Director Esser gave testimonies. (Download )

What is the Peak Oil theory of value?
(2006Sep28) In the foregoing respects, the concept of Peak Oil may well be among the most valuable theories that has ever been developed in the human mind. Peak Oil is about mankind’s relationship with its energy supply. An understanding of Peak Oil is a key to mankind understanding how to survive into the future. ( Read further )

Get ready for oil supplies to dwindle, experts warn
(2006Sep23) Aleklett, a Swedish professor of physics, sees inescapable similarities between the steady depletion of the world's most coveted energy source and the foraging habits of berry afficionados. "The goodies, the big ones, have been picked. It's true all over the world. Now we have to stick to the small ones. That means it's harder to fill the basket." ( Read further )

A promo for Asleep in America is available for veiwing on the web.
2006Sep18) The project “Asleep in America ” is a documentary that explores the topic of Peak Oil. Experts agree that Global Peak production will surely happen. They disagree only on when it will happen. Oil industry analysts predict the Global Peak could occur around 2020. Critics disagree and provide evidence suggesting the Peak will occur as early as 2010. Either way, the Peak is inevitable. (see promo )

Peak Oil under attack
During the week leading petroleum producers, including Saudi Aramco and Exxon Mobile, have been aggressively arguing that we don’t need to worry about Peak Oil. A very good summary is given in People’s Daily Online, Beijing, China ( read article ). The attack from Saudi Aramco came at an OPEC conference in Vienna ( read article ) and from Exxon Mobil at a conference in Austrailia ( ). An interesting notation is that Wall Street Journal raised the question if it was a planed attack.(NEW! read article )

Making Sweden an OIL-FREE Society
“The oil might declining. We have someone hear in Uppsala named Aleklett that claims this.” The Prime Minister of Sweden used these words when he explained why he had appointed The Commission on Oil Independence. ASPO is also mentioned in the final document.
Summary from the commission: In this document, the Swedish Commission on Oil Independence propose a number of far-reaching, concrete measures that can end our dependence on oil by the year 2020 and tangibly reduce our use of oil products. ( Go to side for download. )

Oil production limits mean opportunities, conservation
Kjell Aleklett, president of ASPO: In the face of looming oil production shortfalls, all individuals as well as nations as a whole will have to use less oil. And now is the time to begin developing programs accommodating the need for less oil. The coming shortage could provide excellent opportunities for those able to identify them and act strategically. ( Read further in Oil&Gas Journal )

Jack 2 - new oil field in the Gulf
Chevron Announces Record Setting Well Test at Jack
Vast Oil Pool Tapped in Gulf of Mexico - New York Times
New oil field deep in the Gulf a potential giant
Oil find unlikely to bring back cheap gasoline

Driven by Oil - BBC
Oil has meant mastery throughout the 20th Century. It is the world's biggest and most pervasive business, and 'the' strategic commodity on the world stage. Tom Mangold explores the biggest debate facing the oil industry today - Peak Oil. ( Listen to BBC )

Peak Oil Forecasters Win Converts on Wall Street
Blomberg News
The Sun
Herald Tribune

CERA's report is over-optimistic
Review of  “Expansion Set to Continue – Global Liquids Capacity to 2015”.
It is obvious that ASPO is a problem for CERA, or maybe a business opportunity as Daniel Yergin in the overview of the report announce a forthcoming report, “Myths and Legends Concerning Peak Oil”. In the report is the first of four key conclusions; The much discussed “peak oil” is not imminent nor is the start of the “Undulating plateau”. ( Read further )

A Tank of Gas, A World of Trouble
Published July 29, 2006, Chicago Tribune.
What does it take to quench America’s mighty thirst for gasoline? Pulitzer-winning correspondent Paul Salopek traced gas pumped at a suburban Chicago station to the fuel’s sources around the globe. In doing so, he reveals how our oil addiction binds us to some of the most hostile corners of the planet—and to a petroleum economy edging toward crisis, ( read further ). It's hard to print the story as you have to copy the text into a new document, ( copy for printing ).
Chicago Tribune and Paul Salopek have also made a great documentary, " Oil: A Travelogue of Addiction ". Go to this page, documentary , and click "Watch documentary". You must see it!

Dr Ali Samsam Bakhtiari addresses the Australian Senate Committee

Dr Bakhtiari has been as a senior advisor for the National Iranian Oil Company in Tehran. He recently spoke to the Australian senate inquiry into Australia’s future oil supply and alternative transport fuels. Read the Senat transcript from July 11 2006 .

A World Addicted to Oil; it's time to sober up!
Presentation given by Kjell Aleklett, President of ASPO, at the Fifth International Conference of the Association for the Study of Peak Oil and Gas (ASPO-5), Pisa, Italy, July 18-19 2006.
See presentation
Read referee by Rob Bracken

Our only hope lies in forging a new energy world order
Michael Meacher, UK Environment Minister from 1997 to 2003, writes in the Telegraph: "Alternatives like biofuels, ethanol or biomass can play a marginal supportive role but nowhere near on the scale required. When the oil runs out the economic and social dislocation will be unprecedented." ( Read Further )

Commodity Investment World Asia 2006, Hong Kong, 13-14 June
The conference Commodity Investment World Asia 2006 in Hong Kong from13 to 14 June was opened by Kjell Aleklett, president of ASPO.   Read the abstract and see the presentation .

Canada’s oil sands will not prevent Peak Oil
Uppsala Hydrocarbon Depletion Study Group has made a study of a crash program scenario for the Canadian Oil Sand Industry. Even in a very optimistic scenario Canada’s oil sands will not prevent Peak Oil. If a crash program were immediately implemented it may only barely offset the combined declining conventional crude oil production in Canada and the North Sea. ( Read Further )

Disgruntled Groups Threaten More Kidnappings in Nigeria's Oil-Rich Delta
Youths in Southern Bayelsa state of Nigeria who freed eight foreign oil workers they held for three days on Sunday, say they may strike again if the understanding reached with the oil company is not implemented. ( Read Further )

Green building goes big
Developers are starting to incorporate environmentally sound building techniques in their multi-home projects. ( Read Further )

Oil: black gold
A new benchmark (besides West Texas Intermediate and Brent) is being developed for the world: the first Middle Eastern sour crude futures contract. ..... In respect of proven reserves, Peak oil is not far away, but numbers vary. ( Read Further )

NYMEX crude futures price tops $72/bbl
Energy futures prices continued to climb May 30 as the New York market reopened after the long Memorial Day weekend. ( Read Further )

BBC Two May 30: If... The Oil Runs Out
Blending drama and documentary, the IF series returns with a film investigating a scenario many experts fear will come true. ( Read further )( Read thoughts about the program )

Discussions about "Twilight in the Desert” in the US and the Middle East
On the same day the book by Matt Simmons is discussed in the St. Louis Post, USA and in the AME Info – United Arab Emirates. The article in St. Louis Post is based on an interview with Matt Simmons and the final words are: “Regardless of whether we're in the peak oil period or not, we ought to act the same way." ( Read article ). In the AME Info we find the same “tone”:  “Denying the idea that Middle East oilfields are getting old and might soon go into decline has become an article of faith in local oil circles. But re-reading the controversial main text of the peak-oil theorists should perhaps be required by regional economic planners.” ( Read article ) Conclusion is that Peak Oil is discussed everywhere and if you make an “Advanced Seach" on Google with the Exact phrase “Peak Oil” you get around 7.000.000 hitts and on top is ASPO,

ASPO - Portugal
We welcome ASPO-Portugal to the family ( visit the web )

Venezuela Moves to Nationalize its Oil Industry
Latin America's shift from the Western sphere of influence and toward an independent path is a major current of the recent years. Venezuela, the world's fifth largest oil producer, has spearheaded this change by exploiting soaring global oil prices in order to pursue a "Bolivarian" economic model detached from the Washington Consensus. ( read more )
Interview with ASPO in Stuttgarter Zeitung  
(The article is in German, ( read ), translated to English ( read )

The Government of Sweden Accept Peal Oil
Speech at the Conference " Beyond Peak Oil ", Washington DC, May 9th 2006
Mona Sahlin, Minister for Sustainable Development  ( read speech )
The Commission on Oil Independence ( read )

Why You Should Worry About Big Oil?
Beyond the fat profits, the giants are surprisingly vulnerable worldwide. That's bad news for business -- and consumers. Read in Business Week ( read about Big Oil )

Experts Ponder Peak of Global Oil Production
NPR (National Public Radio) is an internationally acclaimed producer and on this program Matthew Simmons and Daniel Yergin are discussing peak oil (read and listen )

Report from the 7th International Oil Summit in Paris April 7, 2006
An invitation to participate in the CNBC TV show “Global Players” brought me to Paris. They planned to record the show in connection to the 7th International Oil Summit , . A report from the summit is given. Kjell Aleklett ( read report )

ASPO will discuss oil with OPEC, IEA and Shell
The next edition of "Global Players with Sabine Christiansen" will take place at the Palais le Congress, Paris. The topic of the show is the security of oil supply in both the near- and long-term.  Read more on Global Players . See the full show

We Were Warned – Tomorrow’s Oil Crisis
It is great that CNN pay attention to Peak Oil, but Peak Oil is reality and not fiction. We don’t need to wrap Peak Oil in hurricanes, terrorism, and statements from President Bush. If we start to act now we can handle some of the problems. We had a mini peak in the production in the seventies and eighties and we can learn from then what to do now.  CNN should make a real documentary about Peak Oil.

ASPO conference in Italy 18-19 July 2006

Information on conference webpage

US Army Corps of Engineers and Peak Oil
In a report from US Army Corps of Engineers we can read the following statement:
“Peak oil is at hand with low availability growth for the next 5 to 10 years. Once worldwide petroleum production peaks, geopolitics and market economics will result in even more significant price increases and security risks. To guess where this is all going to take us is would be too speculative. Oil wars are certainly not out of the question.” ( Read report )

Congressman Roscoe Bartlett
Copy of Congressman Roscoe Bartlett's February 8 Special Order speech about peak oil., read

Sweden is the first country in the world to address Peak Oil
Prime Minister Göran Persson: “Oil might declining? We have someone in Uppsala named Aleklett that claims that.” The words of ASPO have finally reached the corridors of power. Articles in The New York Times , The Observer , Huston Chronicle , The Seattle Times .( The Oil Commission-in Swedish )
Reuters: Kuwait oil reserves only half official estimate-PIW
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Peak Oil Forum in World Watch
The first number of World Watch 2006 has five articles about Peak Oil.
Oil: A Bumpy Road Ahead - Kjell Aleklett, Association for the Study of Peak Oil & Gas is one of the articles. ( read more )