The Autumn Agenda for ASPO International’s President

At the ASPO meeting in Vienna I was elected anew to be president of ASPO for an additional two years. Now autumn’s agenda has begun to fill with conferences where I will represent ASPO and Uppsala University. First there are four conferences in China in the middle of September of which ”The 2nd International Symposium of Unconventional Oil & Gas" is the most important.

Immediately afterwards at the end of September and beginning of October I will be in Abu Dhabi for ”The World Route Development Strategy Summit”. . The World Bank has invited me to participate and discuss the future of aviation at that industry’s largest conference.

The meeting following that is in October and is “the 127th Assembly of the Inter-Parliamentary Union (IPU)” . It will be held in Québec in Canada. There, representatives of all the world’s parliaments will gather for their yearly meeting and they have decided to devote a session to Peak Oil.

On the way home I will stay for some days in London to give an invited presentation at ”The 10th Annual Global Reserves Summit”. My presentation will address the topic of world’s oil reserves.

The autumn’s last conference will presumably be the yearly ASPO-USA konferensen conference that, this year, will be held in Austin, Texas on 30 November and 1 December.

Unfortunately I have been forced again to decline a number of invitations to interesting conferences that occur at the same time as those I have agreed to attend. However, I hope that those conferences to which I have accepted invitations will spread the message about Peak Oil. In addition I will also make a number of presentations in Sweden. We will see if the number of presentations I give this year reaches around 40 which has been the usual number in recent years.