IWOOD 2003 - Paris

Proceedings of the
 2nd International Workshop On Oil Depletion
Paris, France, May 26-27 2003
Organised by the Association for the Study of Peak Oil&Gas
The workshop was held at the  Institut Francais du Pétrole , Rueil Malmaison, Paris.

If information and other material from this proceeding is used the following reference should be given:
  Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Oil Depletion, Paris, France, May 26-27 2003,
Edited by K. Aleklett, C. Campbell and J. Meyer, www.peakoil.net/iwood2003 .

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Programme booklet
(Welcome, General Depletion Picture, Programme, The Speakers,  Abstracts, The War for Oil, Contacts)
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Monday 26th May

SESSION 1        Chair:  Mr Pierre-René Bauquis

Opening Address
Olivier Appert, Chairman,
Institut Français du Pétrole, France

Resource Wars
Michael KlareProfessor of Peace & World Security Studies
Hampshire College, USA

The War for Oil
BBC Film

SESSION 2        Chair:  Mr Jean Laherrère

A Realistic View of Long-Term Middle East Production Capacity
Ali Samsam Bakhtiari  Corporate Planning Directorate,
National Iranian Oil Company, Iran

Russian Oil Reserves, Future Exploration Potential & Production Capacity
Ray Leonard,  Vice President, Exploration & New Ventures
YUKOS Oil Company, Russia

The World’s Endowment with Natural Gas:
The Perspective from BGR’s New Energy Study
J. Peter Gerling,  Head of the Energy Resources Section
Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR), Germany

( D.L. )

SESSION 3        Chair:  Dr Roger Bentley

Modelling Oil Production, Energy Consumption, Population & Economy
Jean Laherrère,  Former Deputy Exploration Manager,
Total Oil Company, France

Yes ( long )
(short )
The Physical Modelling of Future World Energy Demand
Malcolm Slesser, Chairman,
Resource Use Institute, UK

Energy Supply Conditions and Oil Price Regime
Jean-Marie Bourdaire, Director of Studies,
World Energy Council, UK

SESSION 4        Chair:  Dr Peter Gerling

The North Sea – A Victim of Depletion
Chris Skrebowski  Editor,
Petroleum Review, Institute of Petroleum, UK

( D.L. )

Modelling of Remaining Reserves In a Mature Basin
Vincent Lepez  Assistant Professor,
IFP-School, France

( D.L. )

Oil Prophets: Looking at World Oil Studies Over Time
Steve Andrews  Energy Consultant,

Tuesday 27th May

SESSION 5        Chair:  Dr Werner Zittel

How to Make the World Aware that the Party is Over
Kjell Aleklett  Professor,
Uppsala University, Sweden 

(D.L )
Will 2000 Turn Out to be the Peak, Followed by Wildly Oscillating Oil Prices?
Kenneth Deffeyes  Professor Emeritus,
Geosciences, Princeton University, USA

The 2003 Update of the ASPO Oil & Gas Depletion Model
Colin Campbell, Dr and Anders Sivertsson , student 
ASPO & Uppsala University, Sweden

SESSION 6        Chair:  Prof Kjell Aleklett

Options for Future Transport Fuels
Jörg Wind  Senior Manager,
Research & Technology, DaimlerChrysler, Germany

Non-OPEC Oil Supply: Economics and Energy Policy Options
Maarten van Mourik & Richard Shepherd
Economist & Journalist, France

What Energy Sources for Transportation in the 21st Century?
Pierre-René Bauquis  Associate Professor,
IFP–School, France

SESSION 7        Chair:  Prof Rui Rosa

The Contribution of Technology:  “Creating” Reserves
Gérard Friès  Executive Vice President,
Institut Français du Pétrole, France

Extra Heavy Oil and Bitumen: The Challenges of Enhanced Recovery
François Cupcic 
TotalFinaElf Oil Company, France

( D.L. )

Status of Renewable Energy in Europe
and Its Role in a Renewable Transport Fuel Strategy
Werner Zittel 
L-B-Systemtechnik GmbH, Germany

Property Rights for the Global Commons – Feudal or Democratic?
Paul Metz  Managing Consultant,
INTEGeR... consult, The Netherlands

( D.L. )

SESSION 8        Chair:  Dr Colin Campbell

Is The Glass Half Full or Half Empty?
Matthew Simmons  Chairman & Chief Executive Officer
Simmons & Company International, USA [via video link]

Risks and Solutions to Ireland’s Energy Supply
David Callaghan 
Sea Energy Ltd, Ireland

Closing Remarks
Colin J. Campbell, Dr
ASPO and Uppsala University