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Peer-reviewed articles

PublishedTitlesort iconAuthor(s)
1980-04-01 A combined decline-curve and price analysis of US crude oil production, 1968–1976 A.E. Bopp
2007-03-01 A Crash Program Scenario for the Canadian Oil Sands IndustryB. Soderbergh et al
2008-03-01 A critical review of IEA's oil demand forecast for China W. Nel & C. Cooper
2008-09-13 A decline rate study of Norwegian oil productionM. Höök & K. Aleklett
2006-09-01 A Depletion Protocol for Non-Renewable Natural Resources: Australia as an ExampleA.A. Bartlett
2012-01-05 A Geopolitics of CyprusJ. Leigh, P. Vukovic
2002-12-01 A Middle East View of The Global Oil Situation A.M.S. Bakhtiari
1984-07-01 A regional logistic function model for crude oil production D.G. Hotard, J.H. Ristroph
2009-07-29 A review on coal to liquid fuels and its coal consumptionM. Höök, K. Aleklett
2009-09-01 A simple interpretation of Hubbert's model of resource exploitationU. Bardi & A. Lavacchi
2007-04-01 A supply model for crude oil and natural gas in the Middle East R. Chedid et al
2007-06-01 A Thermodynamic Theory of Economics J. Bryant
2009-07-23 A variant of the Hubbert curve for world oil production forecasts G. Maggio, G. Cacciola
2008-07-01 Alternative World Energy Outlook (AWEO) and the role of hydrogen in a changing energy landscape M. Zerta et al
2008-02-13 Alternatives to conventional crude oil: When, how quickly, and market drivenR. Kaufmann & L. Shiers
2000-12-16 An analysis of the US and world oil production patterns using Hubbert-style curvesA.A. Bartlett
1998-06-01 An assessment of oil supply and its implications for future prices D.J. Santini
2009-01-01 An Empirical Method to Make Oil Production Models Tolerant to Anomalies S.H. Mohr, G.M. Evans
1993-04-01 An exploration of alternative measures of natural resource scarcity: the case of petroleum resources in the U.S. C. Cleveland
2007-10-01 Analysis of World Oil Production Based on the Fitting of the Logistic Function and its DerivativesW. B Carlson
2007-12-01 Assessing the date of the global oil peak: The need to use 2P reserves R. Bentley et al
2008-08-30 Assessing the suitability of input–output analysis for enhancing our understanding of potential economic effects of Peak OilC. Kerschner, K. Hubacek
2010-03-03 At the base of Hubbert’s Peak: Grounding the debate on petroleum scarcity E. Hemmingsen
2009-06-12 Aviation fuel and future oil production scenarios E. Nygren et al
2008-10-01 Beyond Peak Oil in Post Globalization Civilization Clash J. Leigh
2009-06-18 Beyond Peak Oil: Will Our Cities Collapse?P. Newman
2008-03-05 Biofuels in the energy transition beyond peak oilM. Robert et al
2003-11-23 Biophysical constraints to economic growth Cutler J. Cleveland
2003-06-01 Can renewable and unconventional energy sources bridge the global energy gap in the 21st century? Mamdouh G. Salameh
2009-01-01 Capturing latecomer advantages in the adoption of biofuels: The case of Argentina J.A. Mathews,H. Goldsztein
2007-06-01 Children and Peak Oil: An Opportunity in Crisis P. Tranter, S. Sharpe
2008-09-13 China's oil reserve forecast and analysis based on peak oil models Feng Lianyong et al
2008-07-01 Climate change and rising energy costs: A threat but also an opportunity for a healthier future? G. McCartney & P. Hanlon
2007-06-01 Climate Change, Peak Oil, and Globalization: Contradictions of Natural CapitalF. Curtis
2009-06-01 Coal-to-Liquids: Potential Impact on U.S. Coal Reserves R.C. Milici
2002-06-01 Correlation Between Oil Production and Reserves DiscoveryM. Feygin
2007-07-01 Crossing Hubbert’s peak: Portfolio effects in a growth model with exhaustible resourcesT.R. Michl, D.K. Foley
1992-07-01 Crude oil reserve estimation: An application of the autoregressive integrated moving average (ARIMA) modelB.J. Ayeni, R. Pilat
2009-01-01 Depletion and the future availability of petroleum resourcesR.F. Aguilera et al.
2011-06-01 Descriptive and predictive growth curves in energy system analysisM. Höök et al.
2007-08-30 Developing indicators for managing tourism in the face of peak oilS. Becken
2009-01-01 Development challenges under the Clean Development Mechanism —Can renewable energy initiatives be put in place before peak oil?B. Lloyd, S. Subbarao
2000-04-01 Distribution of field sizes in a petroleum system: parabolic fractal, lognormal or stretched exponential? J. Laherrere
2009-04-01 Drilling, alternative fuels and efficiency: Can the United States wean itself from imported oil?P. Fairey
2008-07-10 Emission scenarios in the face of fossil-fuel peaking R.J. Brecha
1999-09-01 Encircling the Peak of World Oil Production Duncan & Youngquist
1984-08-31 Energy and the U.S. Economy: A Biophysical Perspective C.J. Cleveland et al
1969-07-03 Energy Resources M. King Hubbert
2008-08-01 Escaping Monstropolis: child-friendly cities, peak oil and Monsters Inc. P. Tranter, S. Sharpe
2009-04-01 Estimate of global oil resource and the forecast for global oil production in the 21st century A.E. Kontorovich
2010-01-01 Estimating coal production peak and trends of coal imports in ChinaB.Q. Lin, J.H. Liu
2001-01-01 Estimation of the Oil Reserves Requirement to Meet a Given Production Level — Mathematical ModelingM. V. Feygin, V. M. Ryzhik
2008-05-03 Exponential growth, energetic Hubbert cycles, and the advancement of technologyT.W. Patzek
2010-07-01 Forecast of oil reserves and production in Daqing oilfield of ChinaX. Tang et al.
2009-02-21 Forecasting coal production until 2100 S.H. Mohr, G.M. Evans
2002-04-01 Forecasting future production from past discoveryJ. Laherrere
1992-02-01 Forecasting India's oil and gas reserves and production potentialS. Chowdhury, K.C. Sahu
2004-09-01 Forecasting the limits to the availability and diversity of global conventional oil supplyJohn L. Hallock et al
2000-03-01 Forecasting the permanent decline in global petroleum productionM.P. Minniear
2010-02-01 Forecasting world crude oil production using multicyclic Hubbert modelI.S. Nashawi et al
2008-03-01 Former Soviet Union oil production and GDP decline: Granger causality and the multi-cycle Hubbert curveD. Reynolds & M. Kolodziej
2007-06-01 Fuelling America's Climatic ApocalypseT.B. Leduc
2009-08-13 Future Danish Oil and Gas ExportM. Höök et al
2007-04-01 Future oil production in Brazil—Estimates based on a Hubbert model A. Szklo et al
2009-03-19 Giant oil field decline rates and their influence on world oil productionM. Höök et al
1981-03-01 Global competition for strategic mineral suppliesW.C.J. van Rensburg
2010-04-27 Global energy crunch: How different parts of the world would react to a peak oil scenario J. Friedrichs
2002-02-01 Global oil & gas depletion: an overview R. W. Bentley
2008-08-01 Global oil peaking: Responding to the case for ‘abundant supplies of oil’ Q. Y Meng & R. Bentley
2007-10-29 Global oil production: forecasts and methodologiesR. W. Bentley, G. Boyle
2010-05-01 Growing Chinese coal use: dramatic resource and environmental implications M. Shealy, J.P. Dorian
2006-03-01 Have we run out of oil yet? Oil peaking analysis from an optimist's perspectiveDavid L. Greene et al
2008-06-01 Higher-order Hubbert Models for World Oil ProductionP. Berg, S. Korte
2009-04-01 Historical trends in American coal production and a possible future outlookM. Höök, K. Aleklett
2009-07-07 How reasonable are oil production scenarios from public agencies? K. Jakobsson et al
2004-12-01 Hubbert's petroleum production model: An evaluation and implications for world oil production forecastsCavallo, A.
2009-01-01 Hydrogen's role in an uncertain energy future P. Moriarty, D. Honnery
2008-08-05 Implications of "peak oil" for atmospheric CO2 and climateP.A. Kharecha, J.E. Hansen
2008-08-15 Implications of fossil fuel constraints on economic growth and global warmingW.P Nel & C.J Cooper
2008-05-06 Implications of Peak Oil for Industrialized SocietiesG. McPherson, J. Weltzin
2002-12-01 International Workshop on Oil Depletion: Uppsala, Sweden May 23, 2002M.R. Simmons
2009-04-07 Is peakoilism coming?L. Zhao et al
1994-01-01 Life as a Manifestation of the Second Law of Thermodynamics E.D. Schneider & J.J. Kay
2010-01-01 Long term prediction of unconventional oil production S.H. Mohr, G.M. Evans
2008-12-01 Low-mobility: The future of transport P. Moriarty & D. Honnery
2002-11-01 Marx's Ecology in Historical PerspectiveJohn B. Foster
2009-08-19 Maximum fossil fuel feedstock replacement potential of petrochemicals via biorefineries Brehmer et al
2008-02-01 Mitigation of maximum world oil production: Shortage scenarios R. Hirsch
2008-04-01 Modeling peak oilS.P. Holland
1988-05-01 Modeling the estimation of petroleum resources in the United States J. Sterman et al
2002-12-01 Modelling Future Liquids Production from Extrapolation of the Past and from UltimatesJ. Laherrere
2006-10-01 Modelling long-term oil price and extraction with a Hubbert approach: The LOPEX model T. Rehrl & R. Friedrich
2008-11-01 Modelling the costs of non-conventional oil: A case study of Canadian bitumen A. Méjean, C. Hope
2011-04-25 New Tourism in a New Society Arises from Peak OilJ. Leigh
2009-01-01 Non-linear unit root properties of crude oil production S. Maslyuk, R. Smyth
2000-05-03 Oceanic Hydrates: More Questions Than AnswersJ. Laherrere
2005-12-01 Oil and gas depletion: Diffusion models and forecasting under strategic intervention R. Guseo, A. Dalla Valle
1998-06-01 Oil as a finite resource J.J MacKenzie
2006-12-22 Oil depletion in the world Seppo A. Korpela
2007-10-01 Oil depletion: What does this mean for Scottish tourism? I. Yeoman et al
2002-12-01 Oil Forecasts, Past and PresentR. W. Bentley
2009-05-01 Oil from algae; salvation from peak oil?C.J. Rhodes
2001-01-01 Oil production in the lower 48 states: economic, geological, and institutional determinantsR. Kaufmann, C. Cleveland
2010-07-06 Oil production: A probabilistic model of the Hubbert curveB. Michel
2011-07-01 Oil production: A probabilistic model of the Hubbert curveB. Michel
2001-04-01 Oil, Gas and Make-Believe Colin J. Campbell
2009-12-15 Peak globalization: Climate change, oil depletion and global tradeF. Curtis
2003-02-01 Peak Oil and Economics: Some Lessons from Offshore M. van Mouri
2007-10-01 Peak oil and industrial adaptationW.W. Reinhardt
2012-04-02 Peak oil and significant change for rural AustraliaD. Coventry
2008-01-10 Peak Oil in a Carbon Constrained WorldT.J. Considine, M. Dalton
2008-03-01 Peak Oil: Testing Hubbert’s Curve via Theoretical Modeling S.H. Mohr , G.M. Evans
2008-10-14 Peak oil: The four stages of a new idea U. Bardi
2008-07-01 Peak oil: Will it be public health's greatest challenge? P. Hanlon & G. McCartney
2008-12-30 Peak production in an oil depletion model with triangular field profilesD. Stark
2000-04-01 Perspectives on the future of oilR. W. Bentley et al.
2002-11-01 Petroleum and People Colin J. Campbell
1991-06-01 Physical and economic aspects of resource quality: The cost of oil supply in the lower 48 United States, 1936–1988 C. Cleveland
2005-12-02 Physical and Monetary input-output Analysis: What Makes the Difference?F. Duchin & H. Weisz
1982-06-01 Policy implications of north sea oil depletion at national levelH. Motamen
2009-05-22 Potential for Coal-to-Liquids Conversion in the U.S.-Resource Base G.D. Croft, T.W. Patzek
2009-06-09 Potential for Coal-to-Liquids Conversion in the United States—Fischer–Tropsch SynthesisT.W. Patzek, G.D. Croft
2010-01-31 Potential Iranian hegemony in oil producing islamic countries - inplications for oil geopoliticsJ. Leigh, P. Vukovic
2003-09-01 Predicting the Peak in World Oil Production A. J. Cavallo
1994-07-01 Prediction of U.S. crude oil-production using growth curves W.M. Heffington, M.W. Brasovan
2006-05-16 Reevaluating Hubbert's Prediction of U.S. Peak OilC.J. van der Veen
2008-08-01 Regression and Time Series Analysis of the World Oil Peak of Production: Another LookP. Caithamer
2003-06-01 Reserve Growth in Oil Fields of West Siberian Basin, RussiaM.K. Verma, G.F. Ulmishek
2010-02-01 Risk-opportunity analyses and production peak forecasting on world conventional oil and gas perspectivesJ. Zhang et al
2002-12-01 Russian Oil and Gas: A Realistic Assessment R. Leonard
2007-10-01 Sensitivity of Predicted Oil Production to the Sigmoid Function W. B. Carlson
2004-03-01 Spare Capacity (2003) and Peak Production in World Oil Alfred J. Cavallo
1999-10-01 Stochastic analysis of production decline data for production prediction and reserves estimation C.P. Chang & Z.S. Lin
2007-04-01 System dynamics model of Hubbert Peak for China's oilZaipu Tao, Mingyu Li
2007-08-01 Technology and petroleum exhaustion: Evidence from two mega-oilfieldsJ. Gowdy, R. Juliá
2007-05-01 Testing Hubbert A.R. Brandt
2002-12-01 The Assessment and Importance of Oil Depletion Colin J. Campbell
2009-01-01 The asymmetric effects of oil shocks on output growth: A Markov–Switching analysis for the G-7 countries A. Cologni, M. Manera
2007-11-01 The Commons revisited: The tragedy continuesB. Lloyd
2004-11-24 The Continuing Importance of Maximum Power Charles A.S. Hall
1980-03-01 The decontrol of US oil production E.F. Renshaw
1992-12-01 The Depletion of Oil Colin J. Campbell
1977-09-01 The depletion of UK oil resourcesM. Beenstock
1987-02-01 The Design Approach to Socio-economic Modeling F.D. Gault et al
1999-01-01 The Development of an Ecological Economics R. Costanza et al
2008-08-01 The end of cheap oil: Current status and prospects M. Tsoskounoglou et al
2008-02-01 The End of Faith-based Economics J. Gowdy et al
2009-06-01 The evolution and present status of the study on peak oil in China X. Pang et al
2009-03-01 The evolution of giant oil field production behaviourM. Höök et al
2009-01-01 The future of hydrogen – opportunities and challengesM. Ball, M. Wietschel
1972-09-01 The Future of OilH. R. Warman
2010-04-20 The Impending Peak and Decline of Petroleum Production: an Underestimated Challenge for Conservation of Ecological IntegrityB. Czucz et al
2008-08-01 The limit of the statistic R/P in models of oil discovery and productionD. Stark
2005-01-01 The mineral economy: a model for the shape of oil production curves Ugo Bardi
2011-04-25 The Modeling of World Oil Production Using Sigmoidal Functions—Update 2010W.B. Carlson
2004-06-01 The Myth of Sustainable Development: Personal Reflections on Energy, its Relation to Neoclassical Economics, and Stanley JevonsCharlie A.S. Hall
2006-11-24 The Need for a New, Biophysical-Based Paradigm in Economics for the Second Half of the Oil Age C.A.S. Hall & K. Klitgaard
1998-08-01 The Next Oil Crisis Looms Large--and Perhaps CloseR. A. Kerr
2008-12-01 The oil question: nature and prognosis C.J. Rhodes
2004-03-01 The Oil Reserves-to-Production Ratio and Its Proper Interpretation M.Feygin & R.Satkin
1996-06-27 The Olduvai Theory: Sliding Towards a Post-Industrial Stone AgeR.C. Duncan
2003-10-22 The Peak and Decline of World Oil and Gas ProductionK. Aleklett, C. Campbell
2001-01-13 The peak of oil production — Timings and market recognition P. de Almeida, P.D. Silva
2010-03-01 The Peak of the Oil Age – Analyzing the world oil production Reference Scenario in World Energy Outlook 2008 K. Aleklett et al
2009-06-01 The Political Economy of US Wars of Choice: Are They Really Oil Wars?I. Hossein-Zadeh
2006-08-01 The Rimini Protocol: an oil depletion protocolColin J. Campbell
2009-03-03 The role of non conventional oil in the attenuation of peak oilC. de Castro et al
2005-06-06 Total Least Squares Problem for the Hubbert FunctionD. Jukić et al.
2008-07-02 Towards a holistic framework for road safety in AustraliaM. May et al
2010-09-01 Trends in U.S. recoverable coal supply estimates and future production outlooksM. Höök, K. Aleklett
1996-11-01 Updated Hubbert curves analyze world oil supplyL.F. Ivanhoe
2010-04-09 Urban form and long-term fuel supply decline: A method to investigate the peak oil risks to essential activities S. Krumdieck et al
2010-03-19 Validity of the Fossil Fuel Production Outlooks in the IPCC Emission Scenarios M. Höök et al
2004-10-01 Water desalination as a long-term sustainable solution to alleviate global freshwater scarcity? A North-South approachG.M. von Medeazza
2009-03-03 What energy levels can the Earth sustain?P. Moriarty, D. Honnery
2009-01-01 When will fossil fuel reserves be diminished? S.Shafiee, E. Topal
2002-02-01 Will Natural Gas Supply Meet the Demand in North America?J. Laherrere
2001-05-01 World Energy Production, Population Growth, and the Road to the Olduvai GorgeRichard C. Duncan
2007-04-01 World Oil Depletion Models: Price effects compared with strategic or technological interventions R. Guseo et al
2012-01-30 World Oil Production via Hubbert Linearization of Production and Normalizations of ProductionW.B. Carlson
1996-01-01 World oil: reserves, production, politics and pricesColin J. Campbell
1975-12-01 ‘Reserves’ as a leading indicator to future mineral production W.C.J. van Rensburg

Academic theses

PublishedTitlesort iconAuthor(s)
2007-07-07 An evaluation of the readiness of UK companies for disruptions in energy supplyJames Young
2008-12-19 Aviation fuels and Peak OilE. Nygren
2008-06-04 Beyond oil: ShanghaiH. Palmer, M. Dudley
2005-01-01 Canada’s Oil Sands Resources and Its Future Impact on Global Oil SupplyBengt Söderbergh
2010-09-24 Coal and Oil: The Dark Monarchs of Global EnergyM. Höök
2009-05-01 Depletion and Decline Curve Analysis in Crude Oil ProductionM. Höök
2003-04-24 Estimating the Total Quantity of Energy Consumed by the Carousel Center in the Year 2000Jeff Pacelli et al
2007-03-30 Giant Oil Fields - The Highway to Oil: Giant Oil Fields and their Importance for Future Oil ProductionFredrik Robelius
2007-04-02 Light Behind the Fall: Japan's Electricity Consumption, the Environment, and Economic Growth Vaclav Smil
2008-01-22 Oil Dependencies and Peak Oil's Effects on Oil Consumption: A case study of six countriesJ. Tekin, J. Hagman
2007-04-01 Oil Use and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan AfricaKristofer Jakobsson
2008-07-31 Peak Oil: The eventual end of the oil ageJonah J. Ralston
2007-10-01 Russian Oil - a Depletion Rate Model estimate of the future Russian oil production and exportAram Mäkivierikko
2008-02-04 Strategic choices for amanaging the transition from Peak Oil to a reduced petroleum economySarah K. Odland
2004-01-01 Study of World Oil Resources with a Comparison to IPCC Emissions ScenariosAnders Sivertsson
2007-05-01 The bell tolls for Europe: About the geopolitical consequences concerning Europe’s dependence on Russian energyJacob Nordangård
2008-04-17 The political economy of oil depletionVeronica Cinti

Articles published in magazines

PublishedTitlesort iconAuthor(s)
1997-04-07 Better understanding urged for rapidly depleting reservesColin J. Campbell
2008-08-01 Cantarell Is Not Mexico’s Only Oil Production Problem Jude Clemente
2007-07-31 Coal FuturesDavid Schneider
2005-04-04 Comment: Just how much oil does the Middle East really have, and does it matter?Colin J. Campbell
1999-09-01 Data shows oceanic methane hydrate resource over-estimatedJ. Laherrere
2007-06-01 Discussion reply: Peak Oil - a fact of realityKjell Aleklett
2008-12-30 Do we need to worry about Peak Oil?K. Aleklett, M. Lynch
2008-10-10 Energy Security In Mexico: Problems and Implications Jude Clemente
2008-12-19 Expert: Coal Reserve Estimates Way Too HighMichael Kanellos
1993-02-16 Global oil, gas fields, sizes tallied, analyzedL.F. Ivanhoe & G.G. Leckie
2002-02-04 Is FSU oil growth sustainable?J. Laherrere
2000-04-17 Learn strengths, weaknesses to understand Hubbert curveJ. Laherrere
2007-05-07 Mathematical model forecasts year conventional oil will peakS. Mohr, G. Evans
2007-02-01 Megaprojects - New capacity fails to boost 2006 production – delays or depletion?Chris Skrebowski
2004-08-16 Multicyclic Hubbert model shows global conventional gas output peaking in 2019A. Imam et al.
2006-08-21 Oil production limits mean opportunities, conservationKjell Aleklett
2008-02-20 Oil ShockKjell Aleklett
2006-02-01 Oil: A Bumpy Road AheadKjell Aleklett
2009-08-09 Peak Oil for DummiesLionel Badal
2008-01-14 Peak oil models forecast China’s oil supply, demandFeng Lianyong et al
1999-04-01 Reserve Growth: Technological Progress, or Bad Reporting and Bad Arithmetic?J. Laherrere
2005-10-01 Shaping the peak of world oil productionRobert L. Hirsch
1996-12-02 The Decline of Economics John Cassidy
1998-03-01 The End of Cheap OilColin Cambell, Jean Laherrère
1987-10-01 The Making of an Economist David Colander & Arjo Klamer
2008-08-10 The only way is downThe Economist
2008-04-15 The Peak is NighTom Nicholls
2008-03-08 Uninvited observationsKjell Aleklett
2008-05-14 World oil supply-what goes up must come down, but when will it peak?J. Laherrere

Articles published in newspapers

PublishedTitlesort iconAuthor(s)
2008-09-28 Are we running on empty?Fred K. Duennebier
2009-05-03 Getting Real on Wind and SolarJ. Schlesinger, R.L. Hirsch
2008-05-29 Gordon Brown doesn't get the oil crisisDavid Strahan
2008-03-05 Lump sumsDavid Strahan
2008-03-05 Oil's EndTimothy Egan
2009-01-28 Oil: what goes down must go up?Richard Stuebi
2008-06-25 The link between oil and xenophobiaSimon Ratcliffe
2008-01-15 Time's up for petrol cars, says GM chiefJoshua Dowling
2008-08-19 Waking up to the threat of 'peak oil'Ron Way
2008-12-17 World Coal Reserves Could Be a Fraction of Previous EstimatesAlexis Madrigal

Other reports and articles

PublishedTitlesort iconAuthor(s)
2008-02-13 An Oil Crisis is Probably ImminentKirk Berge
2007-10-22 Analysis of the UK Oil ProductionWerner Zittel
2008-12-05 Biofuels - The good, the bad and the unlikelyKirk Berge
2007-03-28 Coal: Resources and Future ProductionW. Zittel, J. Schindler
2009-10-05 Comments on "Squeezing more oil from the ground"Jean Laherrere
2007-10-01 Crude Oil: The Supply OutlookW. Zittel, J. Schindler
2007-08-01 Current Global Challenges and Alternative Futures for South AfricaSimon Ratcliffe
2009-04-24 Energy Is EverythingMicheal Lardelli
2001-06-10 Estimates of Oil ReservesJean Laherrere
2002-07-15 Future World Oil SupplyWerner Zittel
2008-10-21 Global Energy Transition PlanAndrew McKillop
1956-03-07 Nuclear Energy And The Fossil FuelsM. King Hubbert
2004-03-01 Oil-based Technology and Economy - Prospects for the Future Klaus Illum
2007-09-10 OPEC’s Growing Call on ItselfJeff Rubin, Peter Buchanan
2008-08-13 Peak Oil & mesothelioma - how to ease two problems at onceThe Mesothelioma & Asbestos Awareness Center
2007-12-01 Peak Oil and the Evolving Strategies of Oil Importing and Exporting CountriesKjell Aleklett
2007-11-01 Peak Oil Production and the Implications to the State of ConnecticutTerry Backer, Bob Duff
2002-02-01 Peak Oil: an Outlook on Crude Oil DepletionColin J. Campbell
2005-02-01 Peaking of World Oil Production: Impacts, Mitigation & Risk ManagementR. Hirsch, R Bezdek, R. Wendling
2007-02-05 Peaking of World Oil Production: Recent ForecastsRobert L. Hirsch
2007-12-01 Reserve driven forecasts for oil, gas and coal and limits in carbon dioxide emissionsKjell Aleklett
2006-12-12 Saudi-Arabia field-by-field analysisHans G. Jud
1998-04-01 Shale Oil - the elusive energyWalter Youngquist
1959-06-01 Techniques of prediction with application to the petroleum industryM. King Hubbert
2006-01-01 The Availability of non-conventional oil and gasColin J. Campbell
2005-05-01 The challenge and countermeasures brought by the shortage of oil and gas in ChinaPang Xiongqi et al
2008-08-08 The Coming Oil Supply CrunchPaul Stevens
2003-08-01 The Heart of the MatterColin J. Campbell
1974-06-06 The Nature of GrowthM. King Hubbert
2008-10-29 The Oil Crunch UK Industry Taskforce on Peak Oil and Energy Security
2004-06-07 The Oil Depletion Protocol / The Uppsala ProtocolC. Campbell, K. Aleklett
2008-03-27 The Paradox of Production John Michael Greer
2008-12-01 Thermodynamics and the Economic ProcessJohn Bryant
2006-12-01 Uranium resources and nuclear energyW. Zittel, J. Schindler


PublishedTitlesort iconAuthor(s)
2006-01-19 A Thousand Barrels a Second: The Coming Oil Break PointPeter Tertzakian
2011-08-08 Beyond Oil BustJ. Leigh, P. Vukovic
2006-06-13 Beyond Oil: The View from Hubbert's Peak Kenneth S. Deffeyes
2004-08-26 Blood and Oil: The Dangers and Consequences of America's Growing Dependency on Imported PetroleumMichael T. Klare
2009-06-01 Bottleneck: Humanity's Impending Impasse William Catton
2004-10-01 Crossing the Rubicon: The Decline of the American Empire at the End of the Age of OilMichael C. Ruppert
2004-09-15 Crude: The Story Of OilSonia Shah
2009-06-01 Death of Nations in Civilization ClashJ. Leigh
2006-10-01 Eating Fossil Fuels: Oil, Food And the Coming Crisis in Agriculture Dale Allen Pfeiffer
2005-11-23 Economics principles, problems, and policies Brue SL & McConnell CR
2003-11-01 Energy at the Crossroads: Global Perspectives and UncertaintiesVaclav Smil
2004-09-01 High Noon for Natural Gas: The New Energy CrisisJulian Darley
2003-08-11 Hubbert's Peak: The Impending World Oil ShortageKenneth S. Deffeyes
2006-09-05 Internal Combustion: How Corporations and Governments Addicted the World to OilEdwin Black
2007-04-19 Last Oil ShockDavid Strahan
2011-04-25 Life without Oil: Why we must Shift to a New Energy FutureS. Hallet, J. Wright
2004-12-01 Modeling Physical Realities at the Whole Economy Scale B. Foran & F. Poldy
1991-11-23 Natural Resources Scarcity and Economic Growth Revisited: Economic and Biophysial Perspectives Cutler J. Cleveland
2006-01-01 Oil TwilightMauro Porto
2008-02-01 Oil, Peak Production and the Consequence of DeclineHatem Elsayed Hany Elrefaai
2005-02-28 Out of Gas: The End of the Age Of OilDavid Goodstein
2005-03-10 Over a Barrel: A Simple Guide to the Oil ShortageTom Mast
1982-06-01 Overshoot: The Ecological Basis of Revolutionary ChangeWilliam R. Catton
2007-10-16 Peak Everything: Waking Up to the Century of DeclinesRichard Heinberg
2005-01-01 Peak Oil Paradigm ShiftBilaal Abdullah
2004-08-15 PowerDown: Options And Actions For A Post-Carbon WorldRichard Heinberg
2002-03-12 Resource Wars: The New Landscape of Global ConflictMichael T. Klare
2008-09-29 Tar sands - dirty oil and the future of a continentAndrew Nikiforuk
1940-01-01 The Coal QuestionW. Stanley Jevons
2005-05-31 The Collapsing Bubble: Growth And Fossil Energy Lindsey Grant
1997-01-01 The Coming Oil CrisisColin J. Campbell
2010-06-22 The Completion of the Oil Era: The Economic ImpactC.A. Rossi
2007-06-01 The Day After OilJuean Rosell
2005-11-01 The Empty Tank: Oil, Gas, Hot Air, and the Coming Global Financial CatastropheJeremy Leggett
2004-05-15 The End of Oil: On the Edge of a Perilous New WorldPaul Roberts
2005-04-04 The End of Oil: The Decline of the Petroleum Economy and the Rise of a New Energy Order Paul Roberts
2001-05-15 The Energy of Nature E.C. Pielou
2007-11-21 The Final Empire: The Collapse of Civilization and the Seed of the FutureWilliam H. Kotke
2005-04-06 The Final Energy CrisisAndrew McKillop
2005-04-10 The Long Emergency: Surviving the Converging Catastrophes of the Twenty-First CenturyJames Howard Kunstler
2006-09-01 The Oil Depletion Protocol: A Plan to Avert Oil Wars, Terrorism And Economic CollapseRichard Heinberg
2004-02-01 The Oil FactorStephen Leeb, Donna Leeb
2003-03-01 The Party's Over: Oil, War and the Fate of Industrial SocietiesRichard Heinberg
2008-03-06 The Transition Handbook: From Oil Dependency to Local Resilience Rob Hopkins
2005-06-10 Twilight in the Desert: The Coming Saudi Oil Shock and the World EconomyMatthew R. Simmons
2009-05-19 Why Your World Is About to Get a Whole Lot SmallerJeff Rubin


On this page we will try to assemble various energy resource material, such as different assessments from various organisations. Secondly older versions of those assessments will be made available so people more easily can study the evolution of energy statistics.

BP Statistical Review of World Energy (Mostly excel-files)

German Federal Institute for Geosciences and Natural Resources (BGR) - Reserves, Resources and Availability of Energy Resources

World Energy Council (WEC) - Survey of Energy Resources

International Energy Agency (IEA) - Key World Energy Statistics

Oilwatch Monthly from ASPO Netherlands